The Rise and Future of Selling Second Hand Items

15 Oct 2010

From the way we work to the way we socialise, the Internet has transformed our everyday lives. In fact, it has completely changed the way in which we live and behave. Nowhere is there a better illustration of this than in the field of selling second-hand valuables.

Just as online shopping has caused a revolution in buying, so the Internet has transformed the way we sell, especially the way in which we earn money from our valuables. What started as a few people selling the odd item here or there has morphed into a global, multi-billion pound industry. So, how did this trend develop and what’s next for selling second- hand?

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Second-Hand Before the Web

Before the web revolution, anyone wanting to earn money from their valuables had limited choices. Selling second hand items took effort and even had a stigma attached to it. Whether it was visiting potential buyers or doing a car boot sale, selling used items was done by a small minority.

Yet, in the course of just a few years, selling second-hand goods has become second nature to huge amounts people from all walks of life. So, how did this happen?

The rise of the Online Auction

One of the earliest success stories was eBay. This peer-to-peer trading site allowed ordinary people to sell their own items to people from all over the world. Over time, more and more people began seeing second-hand goods in a whole new light.

While selling our valuables offered a chance to raise additional funds, buying second-hand goods was a great way to save money and find great bargains.

Greater Expectations

Yet, although eBay and other trading sites started the second-hand selling revolution, the story does not end there because these websites still require a significant investment of time and energy. Not only does the seller have to deal with postage and packing and worry about their user rating, but selling also takes time and requires them to wait for a willing buyer. What’s more, at the end of the process, you’re not guaranteed a sale.

Was there a way to resolve these issues? At, we’ve found a solution that works.

The future of Second-Hand Sales

We offer users a quick, simple and secure way to sell jewellery, sell art, sell watches, sell antiques and sell other pieces of value. Not only does this mean that people can sell their items immediately and to a trusted, well-respected brand, but we also offer:

A Simple Way to Sell To get a free appraisal within minutes, our users simply upload up to five detailed photos of their item. Alternatively, they can describe it to us on the phone.

Free FedEx Collection There’s no hassle or expense of dealing with postage and packaging and the item is fully traceable and insured while it’s in transit and at

Secure Payment We only work with the premier online payment providers such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Lloyds, Moneybookers and Neteller.

Receive Your Payment Once we receive and verify the value of your items, we will transfer client funds to their accounts within 24 hours.

Selling With No Regrets is unique in that we offer a 62 day cooling off period in which our clients can review and evaluate the sale.

The days of struggling to earn additional income through selling second-hand jewellery, selling second-hand watches, selling second-hand antiques and selling second-hand art are gone. Today there is a quick, simple and secure way to earn money for your second-hand items. Whether you’re looking to sell gold, sell diamonds, sell pens, sell watches or sell valuables you can click here for your free, no-obligation appraisal.