Get Cash Today With No Regrets: That’s the Philosophy

12 Sep 2010

At, you can get cash today for your items. Yet, we go a step further. Once you sell your item, you have 62 days to buy it back for exactly the same price – no charges, no fees. Or you can choose to keep the money.


So, why do we offer you cash today with 62 days to change your mind? In this article, we set out the philosophy behind  You can read on or sell an item now for instant cash.


Sell Your Items with Time to Change Your Mind

Whether to declutter at home or the office or to get quick cash today, there are numerous reasons why people choose to sell valuables, sell gold, sell silver, sell watches and other items. And, with the Internet offering us more and more ways to sell things online, it’s becoming increasingly easy to do so.


In fact, it’s becoming so easy to sell online that, in our hurry to get cash today, we can end up making rash decisions and regretting them later. For example, what if you realize that you miss the item once it’s gone? What if you sell for one price, then find out you could have sold it for more? Well, with, you get cash today without having to worry about that.


With, you can sell an item now, get cash today and then have the option to buy it back within 62 days for exactly the same price. So, if you regret selling an item for any reason whatsoever, you can get it back at no cost and with no fees. We’ll even courier it back to you for free immediately!


Why 62days?

We believe that selling an item is a big step and that everybody deserves the chance to change their mind. Furthermore, we understand that it can take time to do the things that really matter.

So, when we set up, we wanted to give our users cash today for their items, but it was just as important to us that they had the opportunity to change their mind and enough time in which to do so.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

In addition to offering you cash today for your items, is also dedicated to offering you the highest standards of service. Every aspect of is aimed at providing you with a great service, security and a great deal, including:


A quick quote: for a free, no-obligation quote to find out how much you could get, just upload some photos of your item or describe it.

Free collection and delivery: if you want to sell your item, it will be collected for FREE by FedEx courier. Delivery is secure, insured and fully trackable.

Cash Today: once we’ve received and verified your item, you get cash securely paid into your account within 24 hours. Our payment methods are secure and include PayPal, Lloyds, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout and Neteller.

Ongoing Support: we’re always on hand to answer your questions and to offer assistance.

Want more information on how to get cash today for your items?  Upload your item or call us now.