What’s the Best Way to Sell a Gold Brooch?

22 Jul 2013

For many people, the new opportunities for selling unwanted jewellery present an interesting option for gaining a little extra cash. And if you’re interested in selling a gold brooch you could find that you not only get a range of good offers, but you can also sell your gold brooch quickly, easily and with relatively little hassle. This is because the market for second hand gold jewellery is particularly well established and, unlike those wishing to sell diamonds, gold jewellery does not require as high a level of expertise to value, meaning there are more companies offering to buy your gold.

However, if you do want to sell your gold brooch there are other factors to consider – who is the buyer? How will the brooch be delivered? Are you covered if something goes wrong? These and other questions mean our guide to selling a gold brooch can provide you with some valuable advice before you get going. We’ll tell you about gold brooches and their value, how to sell gold brooches and also where to sell gold brooches quickly, safely and without the hassle.



We always suggest that you start by doing your research and finding out what similar gold brooches are selling for elsewhere. Talk to jewellers and trusted online sites like 62days.

Next, think about why and how you want to sell your gold brooch. If your primary reason is about swift money, there are places both on the High Street and online where you can sell your gold brooch for cash. But if you want to sell an antique gold brooch or sell a vintage gold brooch, or if you just have more time to research the market, you can get higher prices if you take your time and look at every option



There is huge variation in gold brooches and selling gold brooches becomes easier if you know what you have and an idea of its value. Are you looking to –

  • Sell gold brooch
  • Sell 9ct gold brooch
  • Sell 18ct gold brooch
  • Sell art deco gold brooch
  • Sell gold and diamond brooch
  • Sell antique gold brooch
  • Sell designer gold brooch
  • Sell vintage gold brooch
  • Sell Victorian gold brooch



There are plenty of options available to you when selling gold brooches but we do suggest taking your time and sourcing the right information that will make selling your gold brooch much easier.

Sell Your Brooch Online

The internet probably provides the most compelling way to sell your gold brooch. There are a myriad of online buyers who will make you an offer and it’s likely to be quick. Some will provide a quote upfront; others will require you to send the item to them first. However, you don’t meet the buyer in person and you don’t physically hand over your brooch, so you have to take a leap of faith. Therefore, the best advice is to do your research. Check out the company – what are their details, where are they registered, do they use any other trading names? Try to find reviews of them from users who have reviewed many different companies over a long period of time – as these are likely to be more genuine that reviews from one-time users. Also many buyers will ask you to send your brooch through the standard postal system – so remember to be aware of what tracking and insurance is in place before you send them in.

Equally, many people will try peer-to-peer auction sites and they can be a good way to sell. If this is the method you prefer, make sure you follow any security advice from the service itself, as well as from the police, and take great care when selling to strangers. If you can, you may wish to research the buyer and read their feedback before confirming the transaction. In general, your best defence when selling gold online is research, research, research. The more you know about the buyer, the more likely you are to understand the risks involved and whether you should proceed with a sale.

Sell Gold Brooch at Auction

Auction houses are usually very good places to sell your gold brooch but you need to understand what you have and an idea of its value before you start the process. The final sale price is set once the gavel falls but if there’s little interest in the room that day, or your gold brooch doesn’t reach the reserve price, you may end up having to look for other ways to sell. Also, be aware of the fees the auction house charges for listings and sales.

Selling a Gold Brooch to a Pawnbroker

Selling to a pawnbroker is a viable option if you’re looking for quick cash for your gold brooch. They will lend you an amount of money based on the value of the gold brooch. If you want it back, you need to repay what you have been loaned, plus their interest charges.  You may not realise the highest price for your gold brooch with a pawnbroker but for a fast sale, this is certainly an option to explore. Many people will take up this option to leverage quick funds by selling jewellery, selling an engagement ring or selling a Rolex watch.

Selling a Gold Brooch to a Dealer

Selling a gold brooch to a dealer is again a good option to consider, but remember that dealers usually offer to buy your gold brooch in order to sell it on at a profit. Be aware that you could get a higher price elsewhere but, as with pawnbrokers, if you want quick cash for your gold brooch, a dealer could be the way to go. If you have time, approach several dealers and compare offer prices.



First, you are in full control of the sale process and second, we offer you a reliable and fast way to sell your gold brooch for cash –

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  • You can choose your preferred payment method. Either straight into your bank account or via online payment providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout
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  • Simply upload five pictures along with a description of the gold brooch and we will send you your swift, free offer



In general, your brooch will have to be physically examined to determine its exact value. Occasionally, a local jewellery may offer such a valuation, though sometimes for a fee. Here at 62days we have industry experts waiting to offer you competitive valuations for your brooch, but you are under no obligation whatsoever to sell.



All you have to do to sell your brooch today is upload your photographs and wait for your valuation. With 62days, selling your gold brooch has never been easier!