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How do I sell my item with

We buy your item directly from you, allowing you to sell quickly, safely and securely and:

  • Keep the cash, or
  • Buy it back within 62 days for exactly the same price we paid you for it. In the meantime, you can spend the cash.

All you have to do is upload a photo of your item or describe it to us and we’ll give you a quote. Your item will be collected by a FedEx courier and your payment securely transferred via your preferred payment method. Want to get started or find out more? Learn more about our process or call us free on 00800 6229 6229.

What safeguards do I have?
  • Secure collection and delivery: Your item will be collected by FedEx courier for FREE. Delivery is secure, insured and fully trackable.
  • Payment guarantee: All of our payment options are safe and secure.
  • 62-days’ buyback guarantee: We guarantee you the option to buy your item back within 62 days for exactly the same price you sold it. If you choose to take this up, we will not sell your item during this time, except back to you.
What can I sell?

We will buy a variety of things, including:

•    Jewellery
•    Watches
•    Pens

If you’re not sure whether your item qualifies, email us at

How much will you pay me for my item?

Once you upload a photograph or description of your item, our experts will send you an initial quote. This is absolutely free and you are under no obligation to sell your item. Note that this initial quote is subject to final confirmation by our experts once they have reviewed your item. They check that it matches its photo/description and that the initial quote is accurate.

What information do I need to give you about my item to get a quote?

Generally, the only things we need are some photos! If you don’t know how to upload a photo, we give you the option of describing your item to us. In some cases we might ask for some further details, but we do everything we can to ensure a photo or two or a description is all we need. Just make sure you get some good shots of your item – two or three are generally enough. Any photos you upload are for quote purposes only and will not be used for any other reason. If you’re describing your item, please use whole words rather than abbreviations.

What happens to my item at your offices?

When your item reaches our offices, we take very step to ensure its security. Upon its arrival, we update the status of your item to “Item Received” on your account and unpack your item in the presence of two of our experts whilst also filming and photographing the process.  Please note that this is for internal purposes only.

Next, our experts examine your item to check whether it matches its photo(s)/description and that there are no issues/factors which were not apparent from the photo(s)/description.  We update your account status accordingly to either “Verified” or “Not Verified” (see below).

When I sell my item with, when do I receive payment?

As soon we’ve received your item and confirmed that it matches the photo(s)/description and that there are no factors which affect the initial quote, we will class it as “Verified” on your account and transfer your payment directly into your bank account. If the item is classed as “Not Verified”, it means that, for some reason, it does not match its initial quote. We will inform you of any reason for non-verification on your account page and send your item back to you immediately.

What if the description/photograph(s) I upload of my item is wrong, inaccurate or incomplete?

Once we receive your item, we check to confirm it matches the photographs(s)/description and that there are no factors which affect the initial quote.

In the unlikely event that your item does not match the initial quote, we’ll inform you by changing the status of your item to “Not Verified” in your account and list the reason for this. This means that the sale will not proceed and we will return your goods immediately and securely.

Do I really get 62 days to change my mind when I sell you my item?

Yes. This is an option we offer all of our customers.

Do I have to pay anything extra to buy my item back within the 62 days?

No. You can buy your item back for exactly the same price we paid you for it – it’s just like a reversal of the original sale.

Why 62 days?

At, we believe that you should have enough time to change your mind after you sell your things. Our 62 days buyback guarantee not only gives you time to consider whether you’re happy with your transaction and the price you’ve received, but offers you ample time to call us or contact us online. After all, we all get busy sometimes and might need extra time to do the things that really matter.

When do my 62 days begin?

As soon as we have transferred the money to your account via your preferred method, a confirmation and calendar countdown will appear on your My Account page.

How do I know how much time I have left to get my item back?

We help you keep track of the time you have left in which to buy back your item. Just login to your account and view your item status.

What do the different account statuses mean?

At each stage, you can keep track of your item’s status by logging in to your account. The account statuses and alerts have the following meanings:

Status Name

Status Meaning

Awaiting Quote

Your quote has not yet been provided for your item.

Quote Expired

48 hours have elapsed since your quote was completed and it is no longer valid. You can request a new quote by uploading the item again.

Further Details Required

In some cases, we are not able to provide an accurate quote based on the information provided. If this happens, we ask you to provide us with more information about your item.

BuyBack Waived

You have chosen to sell your item without the option of buying it back within 62 days.

Quoted Provided

Your quote is ready.

Collection Coordinated

You have made arrangements to have your item collected by FedEx.

Item Picked Up

Your item has been collected from your address and is on its way to our offices.

Item Received By

Confirmation that your item has reached our offices.

Item Verified

We have inspected your item and confirmed that it matches the initial quote we gave you. The sale is in progress.

Payment Sent

Your cash has been transferred via your preferred payment method.

Item Not Verified

We have inspected your item and found that it does not match the initial quote we gave you.  We will return your item to you immediately and the sale will not proceed.

BuyBack Requested

You have informed us that you would like buy your item back from

Payment Received

We have received your payment in respect of you buying your item back from

Item Sent Back to User

Your item has been returned to you.

BuyBack Completed

You have bought your item back from and the process is complete.

BuyBack Expired

62 days have elapsed since you sold your item to and it is no longer possible for you to buy back your item.


You have sold your item to

Quote Declined By User

You have decided not to sell your item to

Updated Quote

Your updated quote is ready.

Quote Declined By has decided not to buy your item.