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Sell Jewellery

It can often be a hard process to sell jewellery – unlike other products we buy, like phones or DVDs, every piece of jewellery is unique. The materials, size & weight, carat and condition all have a part to play in establishing what your jewellery is worth. Whether you’re looking to sell a diamond ring, a gold necklace or a platinum brooch, the value will always come back to these factors. So understanding what your unwanted jewellery is worth is a perplexing task.


Those looking to sell jewellery may well approach a jeweller, pawnbroker or jewellery expert but these can sometimes be time-consuming and even costly tasks. Indeed, you can’t even look up what similar items are selling for new, as second hand jewellery prices differ significantly from new jewellery. So if you’ve been thinking ‘how do I sell my jewellery’ then our range of selling jewellery guides and handy tips may be able to help. We’ve set out a range of options, methods and ways to sell jewellery, as well as helping to explain the jargon used when discussing the value of jewellery. Whether you’re looking to sell gold jewellery, sell silver jewellery or sell rings, bracelets or brooches, our guide to selling jewellery can help you on your way.


Remember, if you’d like to get an immediate offer for your jewellery and want a quick, convenient and trustworthy way to sell then you can upload your item to 62days now. We’ll give you a cost-free quote and your item will be picked up by FedEx direct from your door.

If you’re seeking to sell a platinum diamond ring it can be a challenge to find a buyer who can offer top prices for such a specialised item. There are options however, and in this guide we’ll provide practical, useful details to help you sell your platinum diamond ring.
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Cartier is one of the most sought after brands in the market. For those people who own Cartier items but wish to trade them in, they can often get excellent valuations and offers. If you’re looking to sell a Cartier ring for example then our useful guide will get you on your way.
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Many people have jewellery they no longer want or wear. Sometimes, this jewellery can be quite valuable and some may wish to sell it on. One such example is an emerald ring and if you’re seeking to sell such a ring then our useful guide will get you on your way.
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Selling bespoke jewellery such as a pearl necklace can be tricky – particularly as identifying the value of the pearls requires an expert eye. To help you understand the market and your options, we’ve put together a useful guide to finding the best places to sell your necklace.
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When it comes to second hand jewellery, quality branded items can be very much in demand. However, to get the best price you have to know how to sell. To explain your options, we’ve put together a practical guide to selling Cartier jewellery.
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Selling a sapphire ring can be challenging. Given it is such a specialist item it can be hard to understand what your options are and which option is best for you. To help guide you through what you need to know, we’ve put together a practical and useful guide to selling sapphire rings.
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Many people have designer jewellery they no longer want or wear. This kind of jewellery can be quite valuable and some may wish to sell this jewellery. If you’re keen to have a clear out and raise some extra cash then our useful guide to selling designer jewellery will get you on your way.
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One of many types of jewellery that people often want to buy & sell is vintage jewellery. Often inherited, selling vintage jewellery can be an excellent way to generate additional funds. Our guide to selling vintage jewellery will give you the background & information you need to get going.
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If you own costume jewellery, trinkets or fashion jewellery that you no longer require then you may be looking to sell it for some easy cash. So if you’re keen but unsure where to start then our guide to selling costume jewellery will get you on your way.
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Many brides wear bridal jewellery to help make them shine on their big day. However, if you’ve never worn it again and are looking for a change in your post-wedding priorities, you may be considering selling your bridal jewellery – if so, our guide will help you on your way.
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From pawnbrokers to online outlets, there are many ways to sell your wedding ring. To help you decide which is the best option, we’ve put together a helpful guide to selling wedding rings. We’ll give you a range of tips and explain the jargon so you can sell your ring with confidence.
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If you’re looking to sell an engagement ring it can be hard to know where to start. You need details like material & diamond quality and the process can be difficult. That’s where our handy guide comes in – we’ll give you a range of useful tips that will help you sell your ring with confidence.
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If you want to turn unwanted gold or silver bracelets into cash then it’s best to start by exploring your options. Our guide to selling valuable bracelets can help you understand who may offer you a price for these items and how the sales process works.
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Selling jewellery can be a good way to make money online. Learn the pros + cons.
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There doesn’t appear to be a ‘perfect’ time to sell gold jewellery. The gold market is subject to daily fluctuations (like every other commodity market) and you could sell your gold jewellery for one price today only to find you could have sold it for more a day later or a day previously. At 62days....
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