Sell Pens

Many people will purchase, inherit or receive a luxury pen as a gift over the years. However, for those of you who feel that, for whatever reason, these valuable pens are no longer required then you may be able to sell these pens and gain a little extra income. Whether you’re looking to sell Parker pens, sell Caran d’Ache pens, sell Mont Blanc pens – or indeed any other luxury pen brand – then our useful guide to selling pens will help set you on the right track.


Remember, selling luxury or expensive pens is about more than just working back from the initial purchase price. Like other products, such as cars or jewellery, the value of second hand pens can decrease significantly. Therefore it’s important to try to learn as much as possible about the model and brand and materials of your pen before you seek to sell. If you are looking to sell pens then our helpful articles will explain the jargon as well as setting out and assessing your various options.


And remember, if you’d like to get a quick and simple offer for your luxury pen now and want a convenient and trustworthy way to sell, then you can simply upload your item to 62days. We’ll give you a fast, cost-free quote and your item will be picked up by FedEx direct from your door.

How to Sell a Pen Online for Cash

Luxury pens are sought after items and particularly popular as gifts. Selling a pen you have no further use for can at times be difficult, as the second hand luxury pen market is obscure. For those who wish to sell a luxury pen, our sellers guide will help you on your way.


How to Sell Pens: Your Indispensible Guide

Want to sell a valuable pen but stuck as to how to get started? Selling pens through the internet is one of the many ways to make money online. This article will set you on the right path, with simple advice on choosing the best way to sell and how to do it.