Sell Silver

It can often be hard to sell silver on the second hand market – many people may approach a jeweller or pawnbroker but these can sometimes limit your options for a sale and may incur costs. Indeed, you can’t even research what similar items are selling for new, as second hand silver prices differ significantly from new.


In general, selling silver is dependent on a number of key factors. People looking to sell silver jewellery, or other silver items they no longer want, need to think about the type of silver they own and the type of item they are looking to sell. The condition, purity, size & weight will all have a part to play in establishing what your silver jewellery or silver item is actually worth on the open market. Most silver items will be made from sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and will have ‘925’ stamped on it. Knowing this will help you calculate exactly how much silver is contained within an item – this is important as buyers will often value their item according to the actual weight of silver that an item contains. Fine silver, which is 99.9% pure will have ‘999’ stamped on the hallmark, is rarer and seldom used in silver jewellery as it is too soft.


So for those people looking to sell silver or thinking ‘where and how do I sell my silver jewellery’ then our range of selling silver guides may be able to help. We’ve put together a number of articles explaining the process and options available to you as well as features about silver prices and market trends. And remember, if you’d like to get an immediate offer for your silver jewellery or other silver items and want a quick, convenient and trustworthy way to sell, then you can upload your item to 62days now. We’ll provide you with a free quote and your item will be picked up direct from your door by FedEx.

Current Silver Price per Gram

As the markets rise and fall so does the price of silver. For those thinking of selling silver jewellery or other silver items, it’s important to understand current market trends. Our quick guide to silver prices will help you understand the markets and chose the right time to sell your silver.


Historical Silver Prices over the Years

Over the course of time the price of silver has changed dramatically. For those wishing to sell their silver, understanding what causes these price changes can be an important factor in deciding whether to sell. To help, we’ve put together a guide to the history of silver prices.


How to Sell Silver Jewellery for Cash

Silver jewellery is some of the most popular jewellery on the market. Indeed, for those who wish to clear out their old jewellery, they may find that their silver jewellery can be quite valuable. Our guide to selling silver jewellery helps those who wish to sell jewellery understand their options.


How to Sell Silver: Your Simple Guide

What’s the best way to sell silver and what factors should you take into account before you do so? Selling silver is one of many ways to make money online and there are many options to explore – both online and traditional. This article helps you understand your options.