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How does a verification work?


When an item is uploaded to 62days, we make an offer based on the details you supply as well as by examining any associated photographs and making considered assumptions.

Once we receive an item at our valuations centre, it is then assessed by our valuations experts and these details are confirmed or revised based on a physical assessment.

As well as confirming the item matches our initial description on key elements such as material, weight, carat and quality, we also examine the condition of the item including its overall state as well as any scratches, dents, repairs or replaced parts.

Once the item has been through the verification process then the offer is either confirmed or revised.

What Happens Next?

If the item matches the initial description then the offer is confirmed. If it differs from these initial details and assumptions then you will receive an updated offer based on the fully verified item description which you are free to accept or refuse as you wish.

If you accept the revised offer then payment will be made as normal. If you reject the revised offer then your item will be sent back to you by secure courier for free, and you will not be charged in any way.

You may also keep your verified, expert description of your item which you are free to use should you wish to explore other sales options in the future.