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Step One

Get A Quick

Upload a photo of your valuable item or describe it to us to get an initial quote for your item with no obligation to sell.

In Details

To get a quick quote upload up to five photos and/or a description of your item.

Any photos uploaded should be clear and show the item's relevant features. When describing your item, please use whole words rather than abbreviations. Should we need to know more about your item, we will ask you for further information.

After uploading your first item you will have to register with us by entering your email address and choosing a password. Once this is activated you can log into your "My Account" area where you can upload more items and where we will communicate with you and keep you updated along the way.

With activation of your account, your request will be submitted to our team of experts who will provide you with an initial quote. This FREE no-obligation quote is valid for 72 hours. Should the time elapse you can request a new quote simply by uploading the same item again. There is no limit to the number of items you can submit.

Please note that this initial quote is subject to us examining the item upon receipt. The initial quote is based on the photo(s) and/or description you uploaded along with further informations you provided. When we receive your item, our experts will check that your item matches its photo(s)/description and there are no factors which affect the quote. Quotes are not to be used for insurance or lending purposes.

Step Two

Your Item Is

Your valuable item will be collected by FedEx courier for FREE. All collections are secure, insured and fully trackable.

In Details

As soon as your initial quote is ready you can choose to sell your item to us via your 62days account. Press the "Sell" Button, fill in pick up address, payment details and choose a collection time. Once this is done put your item in a box or envelope, stick on the FedEx label we emailed you and have the parcel ready for collection by a FedEx courier.

Once we receive your item, our experts will examine it to ensure it matches its photo(s)/description and their initial quote. Find out more about what happens to your item when it reaches our offices.

Step Three

Recieve Your

Once we confirm your valuable item matches our initial quote, your funds are paid directly into your account within 24 hours.

In Details

As long as the item matches the quote, your item status will change to "Item Verified". Your payment will then be immediately transferred into your bank account via one of our secure payment methods.

In the unlikely event that your item does not match the initial photograph(s)/description you upload, your account status will show as "Not Verified" and list the reason for this. This means that the sale will not proceed and we will return your goods immediately and securely.