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All insurance cover in transit and in our strong room is paid for by and no extra charge is required. Our insurers are Lloyds Insurance.

When you sell an item to, it is collected by FedEx and stored at our secure offices for up to 62 days, during which you can choose to buy it back. Your item is insured from the moment it’s collected, throughout transit and at our offices.

Insuring Your Item in Transit

When an item is in transit it is insured for the sum of its value (quote provided).

To find out if your item is in transit you can track the status through your ‘My Items’ page. An item is considered to be in transit once its status changes from “collection coordinated” to “item picked up”. When this happens, it means that FedEx or a FedEx agent has scanned the Airway Bill (AWB) which you should have received as a PDF by email.

When buying back an item, your item is considered in transit from the moment you receive a confirmation email detailing the FedEx tracking number until delivery.

Insurance at

When you sell an item to 62days, you can track the status through your ‘My Item’ page. When the status of your item changes from “Item picked up” to “Item received by” on your ‘My Item’ page, this indicates that it has reached us and is no longer in transit.

Once your item has been received by it is insured for twice its value for the full period of time it is at our offices.

Missing or damaged items

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details.

What do you need to do?

There is no additional paperwork necessary to ensure your item is properly insured. The courier will provide you with a signed version of the AWB – simply ensure you keep a copy of this signed AWB for your records and, if necessary, provide it as proof of collection.

For further information or if you have any questions, regarding insurance please email .