Summer time with 62days

When summer time hits how can you be sure you can really afford a break?

The answer may be easier than you think! is here to help you earn additional income by offering you a fast, simple and secure way to sell jewellery, sell gold, sell silver, sell watches and sell other valuables.

The process is easy and hassle-free –

1. Upload a picture and/or a description of your valuable item (e.g. some unused jewellery or an unloved painting) and our experts will provide you with a free appraisal within 20 minutes.

2. Chose the time and date for the express pickup using a FedEx courier. All transportation is secure, insured and fully traceable.

3. Sell your item to us and we will deposit the agreed amount of money into your account within 24 hours.

 The best news, there is absolutely no interest or other charges. On top of that we offer you a 62 day cooling off period.

Still hesitating? Well don’t!  Contact today to sell jewellery, sell gold, sell antiques, sell art and other valuables that are at home.

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