Uncover your lost treasure

We’ve all dreamt of discovering lost treasure. The vast undiscovered riches, the endless possibilities…

But what if you already own that treasure but have left it, unloved and ignored in a dusty drawer? The truth is that you might be able to earn additional income by selling jewellery, selling gold, selling art and selling other valuables.

The problem is that when you want to sell these items, you have no idea who to trust and where to go to get the best offer. With the advent of new secure, safe and easy online purchase platforms like 62days.com, you’ve got the opportunity to get a free, no obligation appraisal for your items, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

As you probably already know, the price of gold has risen dramatically over the past few weeks and if you wonder how much you could get by selling gold jewellery and other valuables, now is the perfect time to ask.

Whether you want to sell gold necklaces, sell gold bracelets or even sell gold coins, you can get quick appraisals for these unwanted items without the hassle.

And there’s more. At 62days.com, not only do we pay for your gold and silver, but you can also sell diamonds and other precious jewels. Strange as it may sound, offers from other purchasers often ignore the gems, and sometimes even the diamonds.

It certainly seems odd when you think you’re not getting value from those beautiful gems, often the very centre of your jewellery that makes it so special, sometimes even unique! So if you have such an object you want to sell, look no further and come to us for a simple, transparent quote.

Furthermore, with our exclusive service, you have a 62 day cooling off period.

And at 62days, when you accept our offer, we will deposit your money into your nominated bank account within24 hours, while for security and traceability purposes, we only use bank transfer payments and trusted online payment providers such as PayPal. So, you get your quote online, your item is picked up for free, we receive and verify your item and we send you the payment. It’s that simple.

So if you’re looking to sell gold, sell jewellery or sell diamonds, just click here to get a free appraisal and get started uncovering your lost treasure!

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