Understanding Pawning

19 Jul 2011

It sounds easy, but do you really know what pawning means? Pawning doesn’t automatically mean selling your valuables. Instead, it’s an easy way to raise money for a short time without losing your valuables all together.


Standard Pawn Brokers – Cash for Your Items with Interest Charges

Pawning your valuables instead of taking out a loan with a bank or other supplier lets you make money to deal with unexpected expenses and sudden needs quickly and easily.

You get money for your valuables based on their value, with no obligation to sell them and no credit risk.

Unlike a normal loan you have the option of choosing whether to pay back the money – plus interest – and receive your valuable back once the agreed time period has elapsed or whether to keep the money and leave your item with the pawnbroker.

The big advantage with using a pawn broker is that if you fail to pay back the money it won’t harm your credit history. No one will contact you to request the money from you and you don’t have to face anyone to whom you owe money (be it a bank manager or a relative you borrowed from as a last resort). It will just end with you effectively selling your item.


The 62days Solution – Cash for Your Items, No Interest Charges

Yet at 62days we take these advantages even further. Where normal pawnbrokers can charge you with interest and fees, we will buy your item and then let you buy it back within 62 days for exactly the same price.

We won’t charge you a penny in interest and we can organize everything quickly, efficiently and all online – so you can arrange your transaction from the comfort of your computer rather than having to face a high-street pawn broker. We arrange all transportation using insured FedEx couriers, who will come at a time convenient to you, and you can fully track your items at all times.

It’s quick, simple and easy to arrange and most importantly it’s interest free money, giving you a fairer deal.

Interested? We buy all kinds of valuable items, so you can sell jewellery, sell diamonds, sell watches, sell antiques and more.

Simply upload a picture or a description and our experts will provide you with an offer for your item within 20 minutes.