What do experts need to value your item?

18 Nov 2011

Our experts are very dedicated to what they do. Between them they have over 75 years of experience in the valuations industry and each of them is a specialist in his or her field.

Our aim is to give you a safe, secure and hassle-free way to sell your valuable items, therefore the more information you can give us straight away the easier it is for our valuers to provide an accurate online appraisal.

In order to give you some guidance, we have prepared a list of what information will help our valuers to give you the best price for each item.


When you’re opting to sell jewellery, the key information obviously needs to be material and carat. Should you be able to weigh your jewellery even better (we don’t expect our customers to have a gold scale at home, but to give an indication an accurate kitchen scale should do the trick).

Tell us if there are any stones mounted on the jewellery and if so how many. If you’re looking to sell diamonds tell us about carat, cut, clarity and colour of each diamond. Should you not know, at least give us the size of each diamond in millimetres.


A lot of our clients sell watches so the make and model should be the first thing you tell us, along with the material, both for the watch and the strap.

If you are selling Rolex watches or selling Cartier watches (or other luxury brands), the price varies drastically depending on whether the watch comes with its original box, paperwork and receipt, so make sure you tell us what you have. And for us to be sure that we are dealing with the real thing (no doubt yours is real, but unfortunately there are a lot of counterfeit pieces out there) please provide us with pictures of your own watch (not simply an internet-sourced picture of the same model) and also the serial number.

Art and Paintings

We certainly don’t expect you to know the life story of the painter or everything about the painting, but once again, to sell paintings, the more information you give us, the better we can value. For art and paintings uploading a picture is absolutely crucial. In an ideal world you will provide us with a picture of the front, a picture of the back and a detailed image of the signature.

Along with some basic information about size, materials used and maybe age (should you know) this should be enough for us to work with and will help you to earn additional income from your valuables. Of course, if you have bought the art in an auction, let us know about it, as registered artists that sold in auction might bring better prices.

Happy selling!