How to Sell Pens: Your Indispensible Guide

06 Mar 2011

Are you wondering what the best way to sell pens is? In this article we’ll be offering you tips and advice on how to sell valuable pens both online and off, from the things you might want to consider before you sell to how to make the most out of your item. Whether you want to sell a Caran d’Ache pen, a Mont Blanc pen or a Visconti pen, we’ll guide you effortlessly through the sale process.

Before You Sell Your Pen

From ease of sale to security and from fees to market value, there are so many things to think about before you decide how to sell your pen –

Fees and Costs Whilst there are many ways to sell pens to earn additional income, many of these involve fees, charges and interest payments which can really add up. Before you consider how to sell your pen, check out the buyer’s terms and conditions and find out what you would need to pay. Remember, there are free ways to sell pens, and one of those ways is with

Security Whether you choose to sell your pen online or off, security should always be a top priority when selling valuables. Ensure that any website you use is secure and that any payment options you use are equally, if not more secure. Find out as much as you can about anyone you choose to use and never invite anyone you don’t know into your home to look at your item.

Is The Sale Guaranteed? In some cases, you could spend a lot of time and effort without managing to achieve a sale. If you want to avoid this, consider whether your chosen way of how to sell pens actually guarantees you a sale at the end of the process.

Hassle v Ease Some selling methods are fast and convenient whilst other require more effort, such as travelling, time spent and form filling, so choose one that’s right for you.

Timing There’s nothing worse than selling an item one day only to realise its value has shot up the next. So, before you sell Mont Blanc pens or any luxury pens for that matter, you may want to check the markets as their value may be affected by factors such as the prices of precious materials and demand and supply.

Sentimental Value Does your pen have any personal or sentimental value? Are you worried you might sell a pen and then miss it when it’s gone? If so, look out for places (such as that offer you a cooling off period – that way you can sell your pen with the option of changing your mind.

Your options on How to Sell Pens

With all your priorities in order and factors considered, it’s time to look at how to sell pens. There are a number ways to do this but here are some of the most popular:

Selling Pens at Auction

If you’re looking to sell expensive pens, designer pens or antique or vintage pens, , an auction might be a good option.

At an auction, people will bid for your pen and the highest bid wins. Of course, once the gavel falls, that’s it and the sale is final.

An auction can be very exciting way to sell pens and other valuables and will usually fetch the market value of an item, but it all depends on who is there on the day. An empty auction house could mean few – or even no bids – whereas a packed house could create a bidding frenzy.  Either way, you are still not guaranteed a sale until the auctioneer calls ‘SOLD’.

Whatever price you achieve at auction, note that your profits will be reduced by the fees. These can be quite high and include things like photography fees for the catalogue.


Fast become one of the most popular ways to sell pens, the Internet offers a huge array of options and benefits.

For example, when you sell pens with, you will have funds in your account with 24 hours. It’s fast, simple and every aspect of our service is secure.

What’s more, has a unique twist whereby you are afforded 62 days to evaluate your sale should you decide to change your mind.

We will give you a free, no-obligation appraisal by uploading up to five detailed photos of your pen.

In fact, is a quick and secure way to sell pens and any other valuables.  There are no fees, no interest and no charges. We simply deposit your funds directly into your account. We’ll even arrange for your items to be collected by FedEx, totally free.

Do you have any questions? Our experts are on hand by phone and by email to ally your fears and respond to your queries.

Car Boot Sale

One of the nation’s most popular ways to sell unwanted items is at a car boot sale.

There are car boot sales in almost every town around the UK – usually on a Sunday morning – and all you need to do is pay the entry fee and set up your stall.

The most positive aspect of selling this way is that you’re in control of the sale process from start to finish. You set the price and the amount you get is down in large part to your haggling power.

However, it also depends on who’s there on the day and even how good the weather is.

High Street Pawnbrokers

In some countries, one way to earn additional income for your pen is via a pawnbroker.

Whilst this is not technically a way to sell pens, it can have the same effect: If you don’t collect your pen within the loan period, they become the property of the pawnbroker and you retain the money.

However, if you want to get your pen back, it can get expensive. Not only do you have to pay back the amount borrowed, but you are also charged interest for every month – or part of a month – during which the pen is with the pawnbroker and this interest rate is often very high.

Antique Dealers

  • If you have a vintage or antique pen, you may be able to sell via an antique dealer
  • An antique dealer’s fees are usually on the higher side, but so are the typical prices they offer
  • Again, there is no guarantee of a sale

Things to Remember

Whichever way you choose to sell pens, always approach it with as much knowledge as possible about your item. A big issue when it comes to selling pens is the brand and make.

From Parker to Mont Blanc and Caran d’Ache, there are many different pen brands each of varying prestige and value. Try to learn about yours as well as the model of your pen. Beyond this, the value of your pen will also depend on what it’s made from, its condition and whether you have a Certificate of Authenticity.

How to Sell Pens -Getting Started

Not sure whether you want to sell your pens? Don’t know how much they might achieve? A good way to get started in choosing how to sell pens is to find out how much you can get for yours. At, we’re happy to give you a free, no-obligation appraisal for your pens or other valuables. Just upload your images or describe your pen and our experts will get back to you with your quote within 20 minutes.

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