How to Sell Watches Online and Off: Your Complete Guide

16 Mar 2011

Whether you’re seeking to sell watches online or off, there are many places and ways your might wish to explore. In this feature, we’re offering you a comprehensive guide to how to sell your watch, the options to sell watches online and offline, the things you need to consider and how you can make the most of your watch.

In other words, if you’re wondering “how do I sell my watch?” this is the guide for you.


Before you sell your watch…

There are several factors you need to think about before you sell watches online, offline or in any way in between. Here’s a taste of some of the things you might take into account.


  • Simplicity of sale: While one website might make it easy to sell watches online, others might have a more complex process. The same goes for selling watches offline. So, before you sell your watch, check out what’s involved to ensure it suits you.


  • Security/safety: However you go about selling watches for cash, make sure it’s safe and secure. For example, when you sell watches online, make sure the website in question in secure, uses secure payment options and try to find out about its background.


  • Cooling off: One of the biggest questions to ask yourself before swapping your watch for cash is, “do I really want to sell my watch?” It might seem unlikely, but some places will give you time to reconsider even once you’ve sold your watch and will allow you to get it back. Whilst these “cooling off” policies are rare, they are around. So, when you’re thinking you might want to sell watches online or off, check out whether this is a possibility.


  • Cost: Don’t let fees, charges or interest take a big bite out of your profit when you sell your watch. Make sure you find out exactly what costs are involved and look out for the places that will let you sell your valuables for free.


  • Help and support: However you decide to sell your watch, make sure there’s someone – preferably an expert – on hand to help you and answer any questions. This is particularly pertinent when you sell watches online, when it can be reassuring to hear a real person on the line.


  • Timing: There’s no magical perfect time to sell watches online or offline, but timing can still be an issue. For example, your watch’s brand may be particularly fashionable at any given time or, if it’s made of precious materials, its value may be affected by the markets.


  • Sale guaranteed? While some ways of selling watches for cash guarantee a sale within a certain time, others won’t. Consider whether this is a priority when you sell watches online or off.



Your options on selling watches online and offline

The following is an overview of some of the more popular ways selling watches online and offline, together with their pros and cons. Hopefully, it can help you find the right method for you.


  • Online:
    • As long as you choose the right website, to sell watches online should be simple, fast and offer you value. For example, let you sell watches from the comfort of your computer and track your transactions at every step.
    • When you sell your watch with, you get quick cash paid directly into your account within 24 hours of our experts verifying your item.
    • All you have to do to get started is upload a photo of your watch or describe it and we’ll give you a quick, no-obligation quote absolutely free.
    • In fact, is a totally, completely free way to sell watches online. No charges, no fees and no interest at any point and we’ll do everything for you including collecting your item by FedEx courier.
    • Even once you sell a watch online with, you get time to change your mind – 62 days to be precise. Within this time you can buy back your item for exactly the same price and get it sent back to you for free – so there’s nothing to lose!


  • Car boot sale:
    • Rather than sell watches online, you might be considering a more traditional method, such as by car boot sale.
    • This is a simple way you can get cash for your watch and, depending on the level of interest from buyers and your haggling prowess, you might get a good price for it.
    • However, a car boot sale can require quite a bit of effort and there’s no guarantee of a sale, even after you’ve spent the day working your stall.
    • With a car boot sale, always ensure you have the right permissions or join an authorised group sale – usually at a fee.


  • High street pawnbrokers:
    • In some countries, one indirect way of selling watches for cash is to use a pawnbroker.
    • Pawnbrokers can offer you cash for your watch in the form of a loan for a typical period of 6-12 months. You can choose not to redeem your item at the end of this time and keep the cash,
    • If you want to buy it back it can get costly. In particular, pawnbrokers charge very high interest rates for each month or part of a month (even a day) that you keep the cash.


  • Antique dealers:
    • If your watch is an antique, an antique dealer may buy it or help you sell it.
    • Selling with an antique dealer can offer you a higher price that if you sell watches online or using other offline methods, but the fees are also usually above the average so watch out for this.


  • Auction:
    • Selling watches via auction involves people bidding for your item and the highest bidder buying the watch.
    • A big factor of selling via auction is who is there on the day. If there are specialists in your watch’s brand or type, you might find the price you get is high, whereas a low turnout or an audience more into clocks than watches may result in a lower than average price.
    • Auctions fees are typically higher than those for selling watches online or via other methods


Get started: selling watches online or off

If you’re ready to start selling watches for cash your first step is to find out how much you can get for your item. If you’d like a fast, free, no-obligation quote, you can simply upload a photo of your watch to or describe it to us. Our experts will get back to you in no time at all.

You can even get quotes on other items, so if you’re looking to sell gold items, sell diamonds, sell silver, sell art or sell antiques you can get a free quote for any valuable item.