62days.com in Top 10 at KillerStartups.com

23 Nov 2021

Wow, we did it.

KillerStartups.com is an internet platform where entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers can keep up with the newest stars in the internet sky.


New cutting-edge internet concepts are being presented there and the users vote for their Top 10. And after 62days.com was discovered by KillerStartups, our unique concept made it into the Top 10 straight away.


Read on to learn more or click here to go straight to 62days.com.



What does KillerStartups.com say about 62days.com?

“Verily, 62days.com is an online marketplace with a difference. Basically, here you are allowed to sell items that you are willing to part ways with… for a limited amount of time. Anything that you sell through this site can be bought back after 62 days have elapsed, for the very same price that was originally paid to you.”


So if you want to vote for 62days.com, please follow the link.


Or if you want to sell gold, sell jewellery, sell silver or other valuables straight away or want to learn more about 62days.com click here.