Quick Cash Today with 62 Days to Change Your Mind

If you want quick cash today, 62days.com can help. We offer quick cash for jewellery, watches and other valuable items and then give you 62 days to buy them back for exactly the same price. Zero cost, no hidden charges.


The result? You get quick cash now and can change your mind later with nothing to lose.

Just upload some photos of your item or describe it to us and we’ll provide you with a quote in minutes! It’s simple, secure and totally free, offering you quick cash for your valuables.

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How to get quick cash today with 62days.com

So, how can you get quick cash today?


Quick quote: all you need to do is upload some photos of your item or describe it and we’ll provide you with a quote in minutes!

Quick collection: your item will be collected for FREE by FedEx courier. Collection is secure, insured and fully trackable.

Quick cash: we review your item to check it matches the initial quote and, as long as it does, your cash is securely transferred directly into your account the very same day.

62 days to change your mind: once you’ve sold your item, you have 62 days in which to buy it back for exactly the same price.

62 Days to Change Your Mind

We offer you quick cash today that you can keep or pay back within 62 days in return for your item. For 62 days after you sell your item, we let you buy your item back for exactly the same price at which you sold it and we’ll send it back absolutely free.


Our 62days buyback guarantee gives you the chance to change your mind and retrieve your item. In the meantime, you have cash that you can spend or keep.


Quick cash today with no charges

At 62days.com, you can get quick cash today without paying any charges, hidden or otherwise. Our service is totally free.


What can I sell?

With 62days.com, you can get quick cash today for a range of valuable items, you can:


Sell Jewellery

Sell Watches

Sell Gold

Sell Collectable Books

Sell Collectable Cameras

Sell Diamonds

Sell Memorabilia

Sell Pottery and glass

Sell Art

Sell Silver

Sell Antiques and collectibles

Sell Pens

Sell Coins

Sell Musical Instruments

Sell Valuables

If you’re not sure whether your valuable item falls into these categories, just give us a call. Or, if you’re ready to make quick cash today, click here to get started.

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