Record Sale After Attic Finding

04 Aug 2022

You must remember this unbelievable story from the news back in 2010?

Picture the scene. Siblings were emptying their late parents’ house in suburban northwest London and in the attic, they found a vase. Not knowing what it was, the vase, along with some other knick-knacks and bric-a-brac went into an auction. They knew it might have been worth some money and early estimates suggested it may have sold for between £1m and £1.2m.

It turned out that the 16in high vase was an 18th century Quianlong porcelain piece made for the Quianlong emperor. It is thought it left China around 1860 but the clues run cold as to how it made its way to a bungalow in Pinner.

The final sale price was £43m. Yes, you read that right. Forty-three million pounds!

Haven’t we all secretly wondered what treasures might lay in our attic or basement? Go and have a look! Who knows what hides in those dark corners? Paintings long forgotten, old maps, antique furniture, jewellery…?

The question is, if you do happen to uncover a vintage Rolex watch, Ernest Hemingway’s humidor or a lost da Vinci, where is the best place to realise its value and earn money with a straightforward sale process?

The answer is Start the sale process here or read on to learn more about us.

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Now you know what to do when you find treasure in your attic!

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