Sell Rings Online Safely and Without the Hassle

22 Oct 2010

If you’re seeking to safely sell rings or other jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches then we’ve got a swift, safe and hassle-free option for you.

At you can sell your rings to us and get a fast, professional and secure service without even having to leave the house. What’s more, when you sell your ring to us, you get free FedEx courier pick-up from a location of your choosing, along with a 62-day cooling off period.

Simple, secure and totally free, 62days offers you the chance to sell your ring online without the uncertainty and hassle of other peer-to-peer, online auction or other web-based services.


Why sell rings and other valuables with

If you’re trying to sell rings – for example if you wish to sell an engagement ring or an eternity ring or indeed other valuable items – it can be quite a challenge. Most sites will charge you a fee for selling through them, you have to worry about finding a buyer and whether that buyer will pay you promptly and then there’s the inconvenience and cost of posting the item. On the other hand, when you sell rings or other valuables via, you get:

  • A quick quote: to sell a ring, watch or any other valuable item, just upload some photos of it and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  • Free collection and delivery: your item will be collected for FREE by FedEx courier. Delivery is secure, insured and fully trackable.
  • Fast, Secure Payment: once we’ve received and verified your item, your payment is securely transferred to your account.
  • 62 days cooling-off period: if you change your mind we provide you with a 62 day cooling off period during which you can cancel the transaction at any time.


How to sell rings and other items with

With 62days you can sell rings and other valuables in three simple steps. All we need is a few photos of your ring and we’ll provide you with a quick quote. Then we send a FedEx courier to collect it absolutely free and, once we’ve seen your ring and checked that it matches its photo and our quote, you receive your cash instantly. Selling a ring online has never been easier!


Get Started

Want to sell a ring online today? Or even sell your jewellery, sell a luxury watch, or other valuable items now? Click here to get started. Or you can read on to learn more.


Why do we give you 62 days to change your mind?

You might sell your ring or other valuable items only to realize afterwards just how important they were to you. You might be unsure of whether you want to sell something and want to try it out.  So how do we make sure you won’t ever regret selling your valuables?

When you sell your ring or anything else with 62days, we offer you a full 62 days during which time you can cancel the transaction. Most importantly there are no charges, no hidden fees, nothing at all. We’ll return your item to you using a secure FedEx courier and we won’t charge you a thing.

Our unique take on a ‘returns policy’ means that you can sell rings and other valuables with the confidence of knowing that you can change your mind if you wish and it won’t cause you any hassle.