To Buy or Not To Buy ... Electronics?

05 Aug 2022

This was the question many of you asked over the last few months.


Electronics have become a major trend over the last decade. Smart phones, laptops, flat screen TVs and iPods or MP3 players are now part of our daily life and we do spend a significant amount of money in order to keep up with the new technologies. If you want the best device on the market, then you need to upgrade about every six months at the very least. Electronics and new technologies move fast the difference between the buying price and the actual market value is huge.


The team was caught in a dilemma: Eager to satisfy the need of our users, we at considered buying the numerous iPhones, laptops or amplifiers that have been uploaded on the website but we finally decided against it and here are the reasons why:


Our field of expertise: Our experts provide you with the most accurate quotes for your jewellery and other peculiar items thanks to over 75 year experience between them. However, they do not specialise in electronic device expertise and do not evolve in markets dealing with this kind of items. Please find out more about our experts in the biography section of our website.


The nature of our service: As you very well know, is an alternative market place offering you a range of services. With us, you get cash for your valuables with a possibility to buy your items back within 62days. But since the value of electronic items can depreciate in no time – with Apple firing a new-born every nine month and their competitors trying hard to keep pace with them, this kind of device does not match the criteria of item we would give cash for.



We still buy a wide range of items you can sell gold, sell  jewellery and sell watches amongst other things. If you are in need of cash or simply looking to get rid of an item similar to one mentioned above, or if you are unsure whether we would buy your item, simply upload a picture or description and if your item matches our criteria, we will get back to you with a quote.