Why 62days.com does not have a gold calculator.

05 Aug 2022

If you want to sell gold or sell jewellery, you’ll want to know straight away how much you will get for it.


But remember, the price of gold goes up and down, depending on the market. Therefore many gold selling websites offer their customers a gold calculator, so that you can calculate your earnings before sending your gold and jewellery. Sounds very promising, but what if you don’t know exactly what you have. Does it really help to know how much you will get for 10 grams of 18 Carat Gold, if your ring turns out to be 3 grams and 8 Carat?


Be honest… do you know how heavy your jewellery is? Do you happen to have a gold scale at home? Most of us have no idea whatsoever.


So rather than letting you “calculate” how much you will get, 62days.com goes down another route.


How do I know what to expect?

Instead of providing a gold calculator on our website, we have an experienced team of experts to hand, that will give you a quote within 20 minutes. So you know exactly what to expect, before you send us your valuables.


But you need a calculator in order to be serious.

We are passionate and we believe in what we do. This does not mean we are less serious. What this means in fact is that we treat every customer as an individual and look at every single item in order to decide what to buy and for which price.


We offer you a service that is quick, efficient and transparent. This is why we tell you upfront what to expect, rather than you calculating and waiting to see, what you will eventually receive.


OK, our initial quotes might occasionally not be 100% accurate. So what. Our experts will check your valuable as soon as it arrives, and if the actual price differs from the initial quote, we will inform you (no matter, whether it’s up or down). You will have to accept. If you don’t, we simply send it back. Free of charge, no harm done.


Plus we offer you a 62 days buyback guarantee. Should someone in the meantime offer you a better price, simply buy it back for exactly the same price.


Convinced? Click here to find out straight away what you could get for your valuables. We buy all kinds of valuable items, so you can sell diamonds, sell art, sell antiques and more.