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At 62days we strive to provide offers and valuations which are clear and transparent. So in order to provide a seamless experience, we’ve outlined a few key points about offers and valuations below:

What is a Valuation?

In the jewellery and valuables industry there are many different types of valuation, but importantly any valuation you receive will have two parts: the description and the monetary value:

The Description

The description is a detailed identification of exactly what an item is. This may be an expert classification of an antique or a detailed breakdown of the materials, weight, quality and condition of a piece of jewellery.

For example, if your item is a diamond ring, your description should include the cut, carat, colour and clarity of the diamond as well as the weight and material of the ring along with the general condition of the item.

The Monetary Value

Unlike the description, which should be the same or similar no-matter who examines the item, the monetary value can be many things and will depend on who is valuing the item and why. However, in general there are three main types of monetary valuation:

 Insurance Valuation: This is used to calculate what an item should be insured for, but may not correlate to actual market value.

 Market Value: This is more closely linked to actual transactional activity in the market, and gives an idea of what similar items are likely to be currently selling for on the open market or in an auction house. These tend to take the form of a valuation range rather than an absolute figure.

 Offer Valuation: This is the value linked to a direct, concrete offer today and is an absolute figure valuation.

What Do You Get With a 62days Valuation?

All our verified valuations come with two parts, the Description and either a Market or Offer Valuation.

Our Market or Offer valuations are based on a detailed appraisal of your item combined with an assessment of market conditions and prices at the time.

We strive to provide the most competitive rates we can to ensure you get the very best offer for your item – hopefully turning you into a happy, satisfied customer who will return to us time and again.

Crucially, our valuations process is entirely free, meaning if you do not wish to sell your item to us you will still gain an in-depth expert description of your item, entirely for free. You can use this description to gain a better understanding of your item and are free to use this description should you wish to explore other sales options in the future.

Our appraisals team have trained and worked for some of the world’s leading auction houses and are accredited members of the industry’s leading professional associations. With a network of international contacts which stretches right across the world of art, antiques and jewellery, they have a unique understanding of market conditions and industry trends.