How to Sell Antique Mirrors Online for Cash

09 Jul 2012

The market for antique mirrors is a small, niche affair. That’s why it can be hard for people seeking to sell antique mirrors to connect with interested buyers. In this article, we’ll outline your options on how to sell antique mirrors, where to sell antiques and what to look out for when you’re selling so you can sell your antique mirrors without any hassle or difficulties.

The first thing you’re likely to do is to Google ‘sell antique mirrors’ but you will be so inundated with information (both relevant and irrelevant), you won’t know where to  go or what to do. So we’ve tried to set out a few hints and tips to make your life easier.



Selling antique mirrors is the same as selling any collectible in that their values vary dependent on a series of variables –

When was your antique mirror made? Who was it made by? Do you have a rare antique mirror? Are you sure it’s a genuine antique with a manufacturers mark or could it be a reproduction?

Whichever way you decide to sell, knowing this information will put you in a stronger position, speak to experts who deal in the type of antique mirror you have and then you’ll be in a strong bargaining position.

Remember, if you’re not prepared, the ‘sell antique mirrors’ games you’ll start to play will become infuriating. To maximise your return, take note of the following:

  • Have a chat with dealers and go to specialised websites to gauge the popularity and potential selling prices of your item
  • A third-party valuation (even if it’s ball-park) is useful when it comes to selling antique mirrors to potential buyers
  • If you’re happy to sell your antique mirror online, upload pictures from all angles and include any manufacturers as any scratches or flaws. Honesty is the best policy, especially as you might be in possession of a rare piece



Sell with 62days

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If you want to sell your antique mirror, perhaps because it’s too large, doesn’t fit in with your house decor or it came to you through a Will and you want to cash in, contact 62days today.

Selling antique mirrors through 62days is easy and you will deal with industry experts throughout the process who will offer you advice and information so you can make the right decision.

Selling Your Antique Mirrors – Auction

Selling antique mirrors at auction is popular, but you need to understand what’s involved.

Auction houses can charge listing fees, photography fees and commissions – so before you sell your antique mirror, make sure you know how much you are in for after the sale is made.

The nature of auctions means that they will generally accurately represent the real value of your antique mirror (as will) but the final sale price is largely dependent on how many people are in the room and if your mirror is what they are looking for.

The pro of selling at auction is that you’ve achieved your ‘sell antique mirror’ objective but the con is that if it doesn’t sell, or you’re displeased with the price, there’s not a lot to be done.

Selling Your Antique Mirrors – Pawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers act more like money lenders than outright buyers, where your mirror is used as collateral against the amount they lend you, i.e. their valuation of your mirror. They are often used by those looking to sell jewellery or to sell gold. Beware though, because if and when you want your item back, you will often pay high interest rates and admin fees.

Selling Your Antique Mirrors –Dealers

Dealers will value your mirror and may put you in touch with people you have registered an interest in the sort of item you’re selling, but it may involve a ‘finder’s fee’. They may also offer to buy it from you but again, their offer will most likely be lower than a direct private sale as they need to factor in their own profits.

Selling Your Antique Mirror – Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

This is where the ‘sell antique mirror’ games can start to wear you down. You’ll get ‘tyre kickers’ like everyone else, but come sale time, be very aware of issues like payments, communications and deliveries. In general, follow any security advice from the service you’re using and try to only deal with buyers with positive feedback and a good reputation.



If you are seeking cash for your antique mirror today or wish to sell other antiques, give us a call or upload your images now and we’ll give you everything you need for a successful, hassle-free sale.