How to Sell Antique Tables Online for Cash

08 Aug 2012

Antique tables come in all shapes and sizes. This means that it can be difficult for those looking to sell an antique table as, unlike those wishing to sell gold or sell silver, the second-hand market for them is so specialised. And while many places will offer you advice, very few will make you an offer.

Indeed, if you search the internet for ‘sell antique tables’ or ‘sell antique furniture’, the sheer number of results will mesmerise you, but few will actually help facilitate a sale. To try to help out those looking to sell, this article has been written to make sure you have everything you need to sell your antique table confidently and quickly.

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Firstly, it’s important to remember that antique tables vary dramatically and what your piece might be worth is down to a number of different factors –

Who made your antique table, and when? Are you positive you have an original piece and not a reproduction or a copy? Do you have a rare antique table?

Next, keep in mind the practicalities. Transporting a table around the high street is not an easy task, nor is any transportation involved in a sale. First, they’re heavy and second, any high street buyer will need time to confirm your piece and put a value to it. You may even be tempted to have people come to you to assess the piece, but remember to be cautious and to take proper security precautions.

Like the Boy Scouts, you also need to ‘be prepared’. If not, you’ll play ‘sell antique table’ games with people you don’t know and could end up getting your fingers burnt.

Search locally for furniture experts who deal in this type of item. Go to auction houses and antique dealers to see which type of antique tables sell and which don’t and most importantly, you should be able to get a ball-park valuation so when you decide to sell your antique table, you’ll be armed with some facts.

Lastly, as often found by those wishing to sell art, remember that valuations in this area can vary wildly, depending on the expertise and situation of the buyer and whether they have genuine knowledge of the field.


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Of course we’ll need to see what you have, so upload your photographs (including as much detail as possible – maker’s marks, flaws etc) and our in-house experts will let you know what your table is worth.

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Selling An Antique Table – Auction

As with those people looking to sell antiques in general, selling antique tables at auction is probably the most common way to do it but you need to make sure you know what your financial liabilities are in terms of listing and photography fees and commissions (which are usually a percentage of the sale price).

Auctions (usually) represent as near to the actual value of your antique table but the sale price depends on how many people are bidding and if the table is of interest.

The main advantage is that you achieve your ‘sell antique table’ objective but if it doesn’t sell, or sells for a low price, there’s not a huge amount you can do, except setting a reserve price which is acceptable to you.

Selling An Antique Table – Pawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers will lend you money using your antique table as collateral. Then, at the end of the loan period, you either keep the money and the table becomes the property of the pawnbroker, or you buy the table back. It’s not that simple though – buying it back may incur heavy interest rates and admin fees so make sure you know what sort of extra money you’re in for before going down this road.

Selling Your Antique Table –Dealers

Antique dealers will usually charge for valuations as well as putting you in touch with prospective buyers. If they make you an offer themselves and you decide to sell your antique table, it can be less competitive than a private sale because they will need to sell it on at a profit.

Selling Your Antique Table – Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

These sites can be an excellent way to sell an antique table. However, as well as genuine buyers you can sometimes find there also time-wasters and this is where you’re most likely to get caught playing ‘sell antique table’ games with anonymous people looking to take advantage of your good nature. You may wish to only sell to people who have a solid reputation and positive feedback and you should also be very careful of issues surrounding non-payments, communications and delivery and collection issues. Be sure to check any sales and security advice offered by the service before proceeding.


62days will offer you competitive prices for your antique table and all you need do is upload your photographs or call us. So what are you waiting for? Upload your table now.