How to sell your paintings online for cash

08 Aug 2012

Whether you’ve built up a vast collection or paintings, art and antiques or have just a few choice pieces, many people consider changing their artwork from time-to-time. For those that wish to have a change, one option which avoids simply storing old art in the attic is to sell it on the open market. However, unlike those looking to sell jewellery or sell watches, it can be hard to understand the value of your art. So for those looking to sell paintings, our quick guide will set out some of your options.

We will give you your options on how to sell paintings, including whether to sell paintings online or off and what your potential buys will need to know before the sale is finalised.

We’ll give you everything you need – and more – so you can sell your painting quickly and for the highest prices.



Selling paintings is different to selling items like watches, jewellery or pens due to the number of variables.

Do you know exactly what you have? Is it a genuine article? When was it made? By whom? Does it have a signature? Does it have a valuable frame?

Often sellers will find that to truly understand a painting’s value it needs an expert – because only experts know with any degree of certainty what they’re looking at. So, as a first step, try to find a local art expert to help identify what you have. Alternatively, if you know some of the details try researching online to see if you can garner more information.



There are a number of main ways to sell paintings. Firstly, you will find hundreds of art dealers online to speak to about valuations, interest in your particular piece and the best ways to get best prices for your painting. Also, visit auction rooms to gauge prices and popularity. You may find that your work is of interest to a limited number of people so it’s your job to find out who they are.

On a more practical level, try to have your painting valued by an independent third-party. This inspires confidence in potential buyers and if you have any documentation associated with the painting, even better!



Sell Your Painting to 62days

With a team of in-house experts, we often buy artwork and paintings direct from our clients. So if you are considering selling your paintings, then our quick, professional, hassle-free service may be a good way to go. Our service includes:

  • Fast, offers and quick payment for your painting
  • Collections are 100% FREE and insured and we’ll pay you using secure payment methods or direct into your bank
  • You get a 62-day cooling off period during which you can change your mind with no charges, fees or penalties

To sell to 62days, simply upload photographs of your painting, including the frame, artist’s signature and any relevant marks or flaws and we’ll give you a fast, free no-obligation offer.

Our in-house team have extensive experience of the art world and we want you to be comfortable when you are –

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Just so you know, we are also happy to value fine art, marine and sporting paintings, pre-Raphaelite, Edwardian, Dutch Romantic, Oriental, Scandinavian and European works from old masters right through to present day artists. Indeed anything you have that you may think has a significant value, get in touch with us today!

Selling Your Painting At Auction

Selling paintings at auction is undoubtedly the most popular method of doing it but make sure you know what’s involved in the process.

As with those wishing to sell antiques, selling paintings in this way can often command all sorts of fees (listings, commissions, photography etc) and they can be high, so make sure you fully understand what you’re likely to be in for should you sell your painting through an auction house.

Generally speaking, auction sales closely represent the true market value, but estimated and final sale prices can vary dependent on who’s bidding and the popularity of your piece.

As you’ll know, sale prices are final when the gavel hits so in one sense, your ‘sell painting’ objective has been achieved but if you’re unhappy with the result, there’s very little comeback.

Selling Your Painting – Pawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers and art don’t usually go hand in hand, often a pawnbroker is more likely to be an option for those looking to sell an engagement ring or to sell valuables. However if you do find a pawnbroker who’s willing to offer you quick cash for your painting, you need to know what it’s worth in advance. Plus, if you want it back, you will have to pay the loan back and usually interest charges and admin fees as well.

Selling Your Painting –Dealers

Dependent on your painting, its age, condition and popularity, art dealers will value your piece (usually for a fee) and they may also offer to buy it. Remember they have to factor in a profit margin so therefore the offer might not be as a private sale.

Selling Your Painting – Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

This is where the ‘sell painting’ games can be a nuisance. You will attract ‘tyre kickers’ but when it comes to a sale, be aware of timewasters. It is also important to consider security when using this type of service. Keep in mind issues surrounding payment from people you don’t know, collections, deliveries and communication. Only deal with people who have solid reputations and good quality feedback, and follow and security advice provided by the service.



Cash for your painting is the end goal, so contact us at 62days and we’ll give you a fast, no-obligation quote today.