Where Can I Sell Diamond Earrings

30 Apr 2013

Unlike those who are looking to sell gold, people seeking to sell more specialist items like those seeking to sell diamond earrings can find it a bit harder to find a buyer. This is because unlike with gold, it takes real industry expertise to identify and value a diamond, and many firms lack the expertise. However, though the market is smaller, there are always options available to you if you are looking to sell your diamond earrings, and you can often find excellent high-value offers.  In this article, we’ll teach you how to assess diamond earrings and their value, where to sell diamond earrings and how to sell diamond earrings in a specialist market.



As far back as 3,000BC, earrings were worn to provide strangers with a ready reckoner of the wearer’s religious, political or tribal identity, but it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that earrings were worn for fashion or ornamental purposes. A century later they were out of vogue in favour of big hats and bigger wigs but at the start of the twentieth century they were back. Diamond earrings became a much sought-after symbol of wealth but today they just look pretty!



Diamond earrings come in a variety of styles, sizes and cuts so before you start to ask ‘where to sell diamond earrings’, you should understand what type of earrings you have. Indeed, really understanding what type of diamond sits within your earrings is the first and best way to ensure you get the best offers.

The first thing to do is to gain an understanding of the four Cs – cut, carat, colour, clarity. Each of these factors has an effect on the value. To understand these factors, check out our diamond guide and once you’re familiar with these you can then decide exactly what it is that you’re selling, for example, rather than just selling diamond earrings, you may actually be looking to:

  • Sell round cut diamond earrings
  • Sell princess cut diamond earrings
  • Sell emerald cut diamond earrings
  • Sell triangle cut diamond earrings
  • Sell oval cut diamond earrings
  • Sell pear-shaped cut diamond earrings
  • Sell heart-shaped cut diamond earrings

Our guide will also help you understand the other key factors so you can go into any negotiation armed with the details, knowledge and jargon-busting you’ll need to get the best offer for your diamond earrings.



As long as you have reliable, accurate information, selling your diamond earrings for their true value should be an effortless affair and as we mentioned, this article should help you understand your options and come to the right decision.

Selling Your Diamond Earrings at Auction

There are a number of auction houses that specialise in selling diamond jewellery and selling diamond earrings at auction is usually a simple affair. The auctioneer calls the sale and once the gavel goes down, they’re sold! If you’re not happy with the sale price there’s relatively little comeback but you can of course set a reserve price below which they won’t be sold. Unfortunately, if they don’t sell, you’re back searching for alternative ways to sell your diamond earrings.

Selling Diamond Earrings to a Dealer

Diamond dealers will be able to tell you what you have and offer you an independent valuation but if they offer to buy your diamond earrings, be mindful that they are dealers and usually look to buy low and sell high so it’s likely that you’ll get a better price if you shop around.

Selling Diamond Earrings to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers will ‘loan’ you an amount of money for your diamond earrings on the basis that if you want to reclaim them, you will have to repay the loan plus interest charges within a certain timeframe, usually 6-12 months. If you want to sell your diamond earrings for cash with a quick sale, this is certainly an option to consider but again, we advise you to look for the best prices, even if it means waiting a while. Many people use pawnbrokers to leverage quick cash but some also just want a straight sale and use them to sell gold, sell antiques or sell engagement ring.

Selling Diamond Earrings Online

There are a number of specialist operators who may wish to buy your diamond earrings online, though the market is far smaller than that for people who are selling gold. Ensure you research any company before sending through your items and make sure there is appropriate tracking and insurance in place during any transportation. The other popular way to sell online is through peer-to-peer auctions sites. These can be a great way to sell diamond earrings but you have to take on more responsibility yourself and you also need to have a strong idea of what kind of value you’re after in order to set the correct reserve price. As with any platform of this type, be sure to follow any security advice from the operator and the police before doing business with strangers.



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It’s important that you do your research, talk to jewellers that have been recommended to you or alternatively, visit our website to find the best way to sell diamond earrings, but keep in mind the following factors –

Why do you want to sell your diamond earrings? If it’s sentiment or emotion, that value you place on them may not always equate to their true market value. If your reason is about money, you can sell your diamond earrings for cash. Antique diamond earrings and vintage diamond earrings are highly prized and you can realise top money if you don’t rush the process and take your time.



At 62days, we have diamond earrings experts who are available now to give you a fast, free quotation – but you remain in full control of the process and you are under no obligation to sell if you don’t feel the valuation matches your expectation.



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