Where Can I Sell a Diamond Necklace

02 Aug 2013

If you own a diamond necklace that you no longer wish to keep, you may well consider selling it to generate a little extra income. A diamond necklace can be extremely valuable, even second hand, and you can get very strong offers for such an item. However, the diamond at the heart of your necklace will vary considerably from piece to piece meaning that, unlike those who are looking to sell gold, it takes real industry expertise to identify and value a diamond, and many firms lack the expertise. There are options and buyers out there though, and in this feature we’ll tell you about diamond necklaces and their value, where to sell diamond necklaces and most importantly how to sell diamond necklaces swiftly, safely and easily.



Selling diamond necklaces can be as complicated or as straightforward as you want it to be. If you do your homework and understand what you have for sale you should be able to sell your diamond necklace easily and for an amount of money you will be happy with.

Selling Your Diamond Necklace Online

Selling via the Internet can be among the easiest ways to sell your diamond necklace. There are a number of specialist companies who can buy your diamond necklace online, though remember that the market is smaller than other sectors, for example that of selling gold. When assessing these online companies, keep in mind that they’re not all equal. Some will require that you use the standard post to send your diamond necklace to them, and there may be no insurance in place, so make sure you take care with the transport side of things. Additionally, ensure you research any company before sending them your necklace and check any independent press or consumer reviews. If you’re looking to sell online, the other popular way is through auctions sites. These can be a good way to sell but you have to take on more responsibility and you also need to have a strong idea of what kind of value you’re after and set the correct reserve price. As with any platform of this type, be sure to follow any security advice from the operator and the police before doing business with strangers.

Selling a Diamond Necklace at Auction

Selling a diamond necklace at auction isn’t guaranteed, but if you have a piece that attracts interest in the room on that particular day, you have the ability to realise top money. Selling your diamond necklace this way means that once the auctioneer calls SOLD, the sale is final and minus the auction house’s commission, you walk away with whatever the diamond necklace sells for. If the bids don’t reach the reserve price, the item won’t sell and you will then have to start looking for alternative ways to sell your diamond necklace.

Selling a Diamond Necklace to a Dealer

Diamond dealers will value your necklace (usually for a fee so check first) and like pawnbrokers, they may offer to buy your necklace but they will always be looking to sell it on at a profit so be careful when considering whether or not to accept their offer, try to see more than one dealer and make sure you have explored all your options. Again, if you want cash for your diamond necklace, this is an option to think about but we would always suggest taking your time before rushing into a sale.

Selling a Diamond Necklace to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers will offer you cash for your diamond necklace in return for you leaving the piece as collateral. It’s likely the offer won’t be the best you will get because they are in business to make money so they buy low and sell high but, for a fast sale, a pawnbroker is an option to consider and many people use them to sell jewellery, sell an engagement ring or to sell gold. Remember, if you want the diamond necklace back, you will need to repay the loan amount plus their interest charges.



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Diamond necklaces vary greatly in terms of style and composition and you need to be aware of the 4Cs (colour, cut, clarity and carat). You will usually be able to get this information from the paperwork or from a jeweller and these facts will go a long way to determine the value of your diamond necklace.

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Ask yourself why you want to sell your diamond necklace. If your objectives are financial by nature and you need a quick sale, you can sell your diamond necklace for cash online and on the High Street pretty swiftly but the offers may not be as high as you’d like. If you have more time you’ll probably end up with more money. Also, if you want to sell antique diamond necklace or sell vintage diamond necklace, ensure you have the associated paperwork and Certificates of Authenticity as these types of necklaces can fetch very good prices.



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