Where Can I Sell My Diamond Pendant

04 Jun 2013

A classic and beautiful piece of jewellery, a diamond pendant can be a valuable and sought after item for many. Indeed, if you own a diamond pendant but find you rarely wear it, or if you’ve inherited such an item, you may find you could get an excellent price for it on the second hand market. However, diamond pendants vary from piece to piece and it can be difficult to know where to go to sell it for the best price. Therefore, to help you on your way, this article will explain the most popular ways to sell a diamond pendant, tell you where to sell a diamond pendant and also how to sell a diamond pendant quickly and easily.


A diamond pendant is a necklace that may contain only diamonds, but it can also contain other precious stones and is usually accompanied by a silver or platinum chain. The most common diamond shapes for pendants include pear cut, round cut, princess cut and emerald cut.


Selling diamond pendants can be an easy, effortless process if – and only if – you have done your research! If you know precisely what you’re selling, you’ll be able to sell your diamond pendant for a very good market price.

Selling A Diamond Pendant Online

An online sale can be one of the quickest ways to sell a diamond pendant. There are a number of companies who will make you an offer and a quick search for ‘sell diamond pendant’ will probably bring up the key players in the market. However, keep in mind that not all these companies are equal. Some will ask you to use the standard post to send your pendant to them, and there may be no insurance included in their process, so make sure you take due care and attention regarding the transport of your pendant. Equally, you may want to try a peer-to-peer auction site. These are a popular and effective way to sell online and can be a good option to try. Make sure you set a reasonable reserve price for your diamond pendant and ensure you follow any security advice from the operator and the police before selling to strangers.

Selling a Diamond Pendant at Auction

Selling a diamond pendant at auction should be an easy process if there’s interest in the room for your particular piece. The main advantage of selling a diamond pendant this way is that once the auctioneer calls the sale, it’s sold and there’s very little comeback. You can of course set a reserve price but if the pendant doesn’t sell on the day, you are left to find alternative ways to sell your diamond pendant.

Selling a Diamond Pendant to a Dealer

Jewellery dealers will usually value your diamond pendant and may even make you an offer – they are obviously looking to make a profit themselves though so it’s possible they will offer a price slightly below market valuation. If you want a fast, easy sale then a dealer may be a good option, but if you’re prepared to wait and investigate your other options, you may get a more competitive price for your diamond pendant elsewhere.

Selling a Diamond Pendant to a Pawnbroker

If it’s a fast sale you’re after, a pawnbroker may be a good option. A pawnbroker will offer you a value for your diamond pendant but like dealers, they want to buy low and sell high. They will offer you a loan amount and should you wish to buy your diamond pendant back (usually within 6-12 months), you will have to pay back the loan along with traditionally high interest charges. Many people use pawnbrokers to sell jewellery, sell diamonds and to sell gold.


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To sell diamond pendants requires you to do your homework because of the sheer variety of different styles, sizes, colours and cuts.. If you don’t know the diamond pendant market yourself, talk to jewellers and those in the know but also look at sites like 62days.com because we have diamond pendant experts on hand for an assessment and a FREE valuation.

Think about why you want to sell your diamond pendant. If it’s all about money, you can sell your diamond pendant quickly online but make sure to avoid artificially low valuations. If you want to sell an antique diamond pendant or sell a vintage diamond pendant and you’ve done your research and know exactly what you have, you may realise a higher price for your pendant than you first imagined. It’s worth bearing in mind that your sentimental value doesn’t always equate to fiscal value and any sale is purely a business transaction.


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