What is the safest way to sell a diamond ring?

17 Oct 2013

In recent times the market for second hand jewellery has grown considerably and many people now look to sell unwanted items, such as diamond rings, in order to leverage a little extra cash. However, sometimes the biggest difficulty in such a process is in understanding how to sell an item such as a diamond ring safely. With so many different companies offering to buy your jewellery, and most asking you to send these valuable items in the post before paying you any money, it can make it hard to understand who to trust.

Of course the reality remains that the majority of these companies are perfectly trustworthy and will do exactly as they say. Yet, despite this, we often get asked how to sell a diamond ring safely and so to help our customers we’ve put together some simple tips about safely selling diamond jewellery, understanding how to value diamonds, where to sell a diamond ring or other diamond jewellery and how to sell such an item in a security conscious way.



The reality is that with a little prior planning and research, and a little care, there are plenty of options to sell your diamond ring safely. Hopefully this article will be able to give you a little advice to help you make an informed decision about what is the safest way to sell a diamond ring or other diamond jewellery.

Selling Diamond Ring to a Dealer

One of the first options to consider is that of selling to a dealer. This is a strong option for the safety conscious, as most dealers will have their own premises and an established, reputable business. You can sell your diamond ring to a dealer but keep in mind they are usually looking for a profit, so you might not get the best price. They will also value your diamond ring – usually for a fee.

Selling Your Diamond Ring to a Pawnbroker

Selling your diamond ring to a pawnbroker is another option to think about because it offers you a quick sale for your diamond ring. Again, most deals will be done in person at established premises, usually on a high street, and many will be long established businesses. Pawnbrokers won’t exactly buy your item but will loan you money based on the value of your diamond ring and then, if you want the ring back, you will need to repay what they loaned you plus interest charges. If you simply want to keep the money, the pawnbroker will sell your diamond ring. Many people use pawnbrokers to quickly sell jewellery, sell an engagement ring or to sell antiques.

Selling a Diamond Ring at Auction

Another excellent option for selling a diamond ring safely is at an auction; this is also relatively straightforward. Many auction houses, particularly jewellery specialists, will offer to sell your item and will assist you with the auction process. Keep in mind that there has to be interest in the room from buyers so you’re dependent on who turns up on the day. If you have a value in mind you can set a reserve price, but if there’s no sale you’re back to looking at other ways to sell your diamond ring safely.

Sell Safely Online

The internet probably provides both the easiest way to sell diamond rings and other diamond jewellery as well as the hardest to feel comfortable with. This is because of the nature of the transaction – you don’t actually meet the buyer, you don’t physically hand over your ring and take the money and therefore you have to take a leap of faith. The best advice with this type of transaction is to take your time and do your research.

Check out any company you’re thinking of selling to – what are their official details, where are they registered etc. Also, look for any reviews of these companies and try to find reviews from users with a mature reviewing profile – i.e. someone who has reviewed many different companies and services over a long period of time – as these are likely to be more genuine that reviews from one-time reviewers.

If you’re thinking about using auction sites to sell a diamond ring or similar item, make sure you follow any security advice from the service itself, as well as from the police, and take care when selling to strangers. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with and read any available feedback on the buyer before finalising the deal. If you can, try to make contact with other sellers for their experiences.

Overall, the best way to safely sell diamonds online is simply research, research, research. The more you know about the buyer, the more likely you will be to understand the risks involved and whether you should proceed with a sale.



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To sell diamond ring safely, or to sell other diamond jewellery safely, you need to understand the market and establish the value of what you have. Try to find out what similar diamond rings and jewellery is selling for on other platforms and in second-hand shops. You might also try to get a valuation before you sell, either from a local jeweller or via other services such as us.

Remember, if you have something really specialised, and are looking to sell an antique diamond ring safely or sell a vintage diamond ring safely, prices can quickly escalate dependent on what you have, so talk to 62days or to independent diamond ring specialists.

Ultimately, the message is to take your time, research all your available options and don’t rush into a sale – caution is not a bad thing when you’re considering how to safely sell a diamond ring!



Diamond rings (and diamonds generally) come in a variety of styles so before you embark on the process to sell diamond rings, you should know exactly what you are in possession of. Do you want to –

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