How Can I Sell a Gold Diamond Ring?

17 Oct 2013

When it comes to selling valuable jewellery on the second hand market, such as a gold diamond ring, it can prove difficult to get a good range of competitive offers. This is because when you want to sell a gold diamond ring, the majority of companies who offer on simpler items don’t have the expertise necessary to value diamonds. So while there are many companies who will be interested in the gold of your ring, far fewer will be able to competitively quote for the diamonds. But though the market is more specialist, there are options available to you if you want to sell, and you can often gain extremely good high-value offers for such an item. To get you started, this article is packed full of information about gold diamond rings and their value, where to sell gold diamond rings and how to sell a gold diamond ring today.



Gold diamond rings are prized in the jewellery world for their beauty but they do vary in terms of style, condition, age and diamond and gold content so we suggest researching the market, looking at similar rings and prices and then once you have some background information, you will be able to sell your gold diamond ring safely and in confidence.

Sell a Gold Diamond Ring Online

Search online for ‘sell gold diamond ring’ and you’ll get a whole host of results from many different companies. However, chances are they’ve just put automatic ads on a huge number of search terms, and the majority won’t cater for something as specific as a gold and diamond ring. So before wasting your time with every search result, check out those with specific expertise in the second hand diamond market as there are a number of specialist operators out there. Some, like us, will be able to assess the diamonds in your ring and make you an offer, others will only give sales guidance or charge for a valuation, so be sure to check what’s involved upfront. Research any company before sending through your ring and make sure there’s appropriate tracking and insurance in place during any transportation. Another option for selling online is that of peer-to-peer auction sites. These can be a great way to sell your gold diamond ring but you have to take on responsibility yourself for all aspects of the sale and you need a strong idea of what kind of value you’re after in order to set the correct reserve price. As with any platform of this type, be sure to follow any security advice from the operator and the police before doing business with strangers.

Selling a Gold Diamond Ring to a Dealer

Selling a gold diamond ring to a jewellery dealer is certainly an option to look at and they will value your ring (for a fee on most occasions). However, remember that as they are dealers they may look to buy your ring but they will also be looking to sell it on for a profit, so your offer may not be as high as you’d like. If you want a quick sale for your gold diamond ring, speak to dealers but try to take your time and get a number of different quotes while exploring all your options.

Selling a Gold Diamond Ring to a Pawnbroker

To sell gold diamond rings to a pawnbroker is similar to selling a ring to a jewellery dealer but there is one difference. Pawnbrokers will give you cash for your ring based on its value and should you want it back, you will have to pay back the original loan amount, plus interest charges but again, the offer probably won’t be as high as you’d like. It’s a good option for a quick sale, but won’t necessarily get you the best price. Most customers of pawnbrokers are looking to raise quick cash by selling jewellery or luxury items such as selling a Rolex watch.

Selling a Gold Diamond Ring at Auction

Selling a gold diamond ring at auction is another option to consider. Auction houses are more discerning so they may insist on documentation including an independent value and a Certificate of Authenticity but if there’s sufficient interest in the room, you could realise the best price for your gold diamond ring here. There are fees and sale commissions to be paid but once the gavel falls, the ring is sold. You can set a reserve price but if it’s not reached, you are left looking for other ways to sell your gold diamond ring.



We believe that here at 62days we offer an excellent option to consider when looking to sell jewellery or other valuables. Firstly, we offer you a safe and reliable way to sell your gold diamond ring in confidence. Second, you are in full control of the sale from beginning to end, so you can sell your gold diamond ring safely, quickly and easily –

  • Quotations and collections are completely FREE and insured in transit
  • Transportation is via FedEx Courier, paid for by us
  • We are experienced industry professionals who really understand the gold diamond ring market so we can offer extremely competitive prices for your ring
  • You can choose how you’d like to be paid, either straight into your bank account or through online payment providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout
  • You are given 62 days in which to change your mind. So if you decide you want your ring back, or in the unlikely event that you find a better offer, you can change your mind during this period with no charges or fees whatsoever
  • To get started, just upload up to five detailed images and we will send you your free valuation



Where to sell gold diamond rings and how to sell a gold diamond ring are two of the things you need to keep in mind, but there are other factors worthy of consideration –

  • Research industry publications or second hand jewellery sites for similar rings and try to get a feel for the market.
  • Remember, diamonds do vary and will be graded according to the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat), so you need to know what you have before starting the sale process
  • As we’ve mentioned, if you have the supporting documents, your gold diamond ring can increase in value

Keep in mind why you want to sell your gold diamond ring. If you reasons are financially-driven and you want a quick sale then you can get cash for your gold diamond ring at lots of online sites and in the High Street, but the offers are likely to be below your expectations. If you’ve got more time or you’re looking to sell antique gold diamond rings or to sell vintage gold diamond rings, then try to get as many offers as possible before selling.



Gold diamond rings do vary in value but the experts at 62days are on hand to appraise your ring and send you a FREE valuation.



To sell your ring today is easy with 62days. Just upload your photos for your FREE valuation now!