How can I Sell a Solitaire Ring?

26 Jun 2013

Solitaire diamond rings are among the most popular items of jewellery on the market and are constantly in demand. But while prices are often sky high for brand new solitaire rings, the second hand market is far harder to navigate. People looking to sell a solitaire ring can find themselves facing a challenge to find interested buyers, as specialist knowledge is necessary to asses, evaluate and value the quality of the diamond – making a private sale difficult. So if you have a solitaire diamond ring to sell then our guide to this market can help lay out your options. We’ll inform you about solitaire rings and their value, and explain where to sell solitaire rings and also how to sell solitaire rings safely and swiftly.


Solitaire rings are rings that have a single diamond. It is generally accepted in the jewellery industry that the first exponent of selling solitaire rings was Tiffany & Co. in the late nineteenth century, who featured the first mount with six claws which became known as the ‘Tiffany Mount.’


Selling solitaire diamond rings is a specialised process so you need to find out about the diamond market and do your homework on how diamonds are assessed; with this knowledge you should be able to sell your solitaire diamond ring for a price you’re happy with.

Sell a Solitaire Ring Online

The Internet has created a myriad of options for selling second hand jewellery. Much of the market however is geared to selling gold, as it is far easier to assess and requires little specialist knowledge. However, there are companies who will offer you a price for a diamond solitaire ring. If you do a quick search for ‘sell solitaire ring’ you’ll probably find a few buyers who will look to make you an offer, but make sure you check all the details of any transactions. Many companies will leave the transportation as your responsibility, meaning if the item is lost in transit it is down to you, so make sure you check upfront. Likewise, peer-to-peer auction sites can be a good way to sell a solitaire ring but make sure you set a reserve price you’re happy with and follow any security advice from the service and the police before selling to strangers.

Selling a Solitaire Ring at Auction

If you want to sell solitaire diamond rings at auction, you understand that once the auctioneer calls ‘SOLD’, the ring is sold and there’s very little comeback, even if you’re not happy with the end price. You can set a reserve price but if there’s no interest in the room on that day, you are left trying to find alternative ways to sell your solitaire ring. Also, you need to be aware of the fees and commissions associated with selling a solitaire ring at auction.

Selling a Solitaire Diamond Ring to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers can often be a good place to sell your solitaire ring but it’s generally accepted that the loan amount won’t quite reach the ring’s true market value. If you want to buy your solitaire diamond ring back, you need to pay back the loan plus a traditionally high interest rate. This can be a good way to sell your solitaire diamond ring for instant remuneration, but if you don’t need to rush the sale, explore all your options. Many people use pawnbrokers to sell diamond jewellery, to sell gold or to sell antiques and they can be a quick and easy way of earning additional income.

Selling a Solitaire Diamond Ring to a Dealer

Diamond dealers will value your ring and, if you want a quick sale, they could be a good option. However, if they do decide to make you an offer they will usually be looking to sell your solitaire ring on at a mark-up. Speak to a range of dealers and try to find the best prices for your solitaire diamond ring. Feel free to haggle if you’re not happy with an initial offer.


There are lots of good reasons to sell your solitaire ring through 62days, including the fact that you are in control of the process and you will get a safe, secure and reliable way to sell your solitaire diamond ring  easily and with no hassle –

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There are a number of factors you need to be mindful of when selling solitaire diamond rings –

  • Have a look online for similar rings and what they are selling for. They vary in terms of colour, clarity, cut and carat (known as the 4 Cs) so you need to be certain about what you are in possession of
  • Have your solitaire diamond ring valued by the experts at 62days or by an independent jeweller

Keep in mind your reasons why you want to sell your solitaire diamond ring. If you simply want money for your ring, there are plenty of online sites and walk-in shops where this is possible but the offers may not be as accurate or as high as you’d like. Sometimes an heirloom can fetch higher value, especially selling vintage solitaire rings or selling antique solitaire rings but be mindful that if you want to sell your ring quickly, you may have to accept a lower valuation. Remember that however much you value your ring the true fiscal value doesn’t always match up to sentimental value.


Solitaire diamond rings do vary enormously and we will always advise you speaking to experts, such as our in-house experts at They will value your diamond solitaire ring but there’s no obligation on your part whatsoever.


Selling solitaire diamond rings is easy and hassle-free with Simply upload your images and we’ll send you your valuation!