Where Can I Sell My Diamond Eternity Ring?

21 May 2013

While selling second hand jewellery is becoming more common, it’s still not easy to get a good range of competitive offers when you’re looking to sell a diamond eternity ring.. So while there are many gold buyers out there, not many will offer a fast quote for a diamond eternity ring. However, it can be done and in this article we’ll tell you about selling diamond eternity rings and their value, where to sell diamond eternity rings and also how to sell your diamond eternity ring today.


A diamond eternity ring is a band of precious metal – usually white gold or platinum – with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds to symbolise never-ending love. DeBeers introduced the concept in the 1960s and one famous campaign slogan, aimed at husbands, was ‘she married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.’


There are plenty of options available to you but with every sale process, you need to do your homework to discover the best way to sell gold eternity rings and to sell diamond eternity rings.

Selling a Diamond Eternity Ring at Auction

Selling eternity rings at an auction is quite straightforward. If you know what you have and you know its market value, the auction process should look after itself. However, before you sell your diamond eternity ring, be aware of the fees and commissions associated with auction sales. Setting a reserve valuation may placate you a little but if the ring doesn’t sell, you are back to trying to sell your diamond eternity ring elsewhere.

Sell Your Diamond Eternity Ring Online

If you’re simply search online for ‘sell diamond eternity ring’ you’ll get a whole host of results from many different companies. However, the chances are they’ve simply places ads on a huge number of search terms, and the majority won’t cater for something as specific as a diamond eternity ring. So before wasting your time, seek out those who have specific expertise in the second hand diamond market and find out more about those companies. Some, like 62days.com, will be able to assess your ring and make you an offer, others will only give sales guidance or charge for a valuation, so be sure to check what’s involved upfront.

Another online option is that of peer-to-peer auction sites. These can be a great way to sell unwanted items but be sure to follow all security advice offered by the service and the police before selling to strangers, as high value items such as diamond eternity rings can attract unscrupulous bidders.

Selling Eternity Rings to a Pawnbroker

Diamond or gold eternity rings are popular items and pawnbrokers will loan you an amount in return for you leaving the ring as collateral. Many people will use such an option as a short term loan and people use pawnbrokers to sell jewellery and sell watches.. If you want the ring back, you will need to repay the loan as well as the interest charges within 6-12 months depending on your contract.

Selling a Diamond Eternity Ring to a Dealer

Dealers who can sell gold eternity rings and sell diamond eternity rings will value your ring (sometimes for a fee) and may offer to buy it but remember, they are traders looking to buy for a low price and sell on at a high price. For a fast sale this may be a good option but if you do have time to look around and research the market, you may be able to realise a higher sale price elsewhere.


There are lots of good reasons to sell eternity rings through 62days but the main one is that you are in control of the sale process and we give you a reliable, safe and secure way to sell your diamond eternity ring–

  • You are given 62 days to cool off
  • Our valuations are FREE, as are our collections and deliveries by FedEx (which are fully traceable). Also, each transaction is backed by TRUSTe, the web’s most secure online privacy provider
  • Upload up to five detailed images and add a description of your ring and we will send you your FREE valuation
  • We use trusted payment methods such as PayPal and Google Checkout or we can deposit your money straight into your bank account
  • 62days are experienced industry professionals who understand the market so when customers ask ‘where to sell eternity rings’ our only answer is 62days.com.


  • Diamond eternity rings differ in cut, clarity, colour and carat (the 4 Cs) so look at what other, similar rings are selling for both by talking to jewellers and to trusted online sources such as 62days
  • If you’ve got the ring’s paperwork and receipt it will help to verify the quality, condition and value
  • Ask yourself ‘why do I want to sell my diamond eternity ring?’ If money is your motivator, there are online sites where you can sell your eternity ring quickly but they don’t spend the time putting together a detailed valuation and the valuation is likely to be low
  • If you’ve inherited a vintage diamond eternity ring or an antique diamond eternity ring, you may want to realise its market value and put that money to use elsewhere
  • Bear in mind that the sentimental value you attach to the ring may not match its true value


As there’s no such thing as a standard eternity ring, our advice would be to speak to local jeweller or our own diamond eternity ring specialists here at 62days. They will give you a true market valuation and you are under no obligation at all to sell your diamond eternity ring if the valuation doesn’t match yours or if you change your mind.


If you want to sell eternity rings, sell gold eternity rings or sell diamond eternity rings, upload your photos to the site and we will get back to you with your fast, free quote.