Where to Sell Diamond Jewellery

22 Apr 2013

When it comes to diamond jewellery there’s no one-size-fits-all. Indeed, diamond jewellery comes in a whole host of different forms, types, shapes and sizes. So when it comes to the options to sell diamond jewellery there’s no single, simple method that will be perfect across the board. To try to help we’ve put together this article to explain the different ways to sell diamond jewellery, as well as where and how to sell your diamond jewellery.


Diamonds are highly sought-after precious stones and considered to be the ultimate symbol of love. A diamond ring is synonymous with commitment and a diamond engagement ring was first recorded in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy. In 1947, DeBeers commissioned ad agency NW Ayer to come up with a corporate strap line and perhaps the most famous slogan in all of advertising was coined – ‘A diamond is forever.’


Diamond jewellery varies wildly in terms of style and type and before you look to sell diamond jewellery, you need to be clear on what you have if you are looking to –

  • Sell diamond rings
  • Sell diamond engagement rings
  • Sell diamond bracelets
  • Sell diamond necklaces
  • Sell diamond pendants
  • Sell diamond eternity rings
  • Sell diamond earrings
  • Sell diamond solitaire rings
  • Sell antique diamond jewellery
  • Sell vintage diamond jewellery
  • Sell designer diamond jewellery

Remember, the diamonds themselves within your diamond jewellery are likely to be the biggest factor in determining the value of the piece. In the case of diamonds, their value is determined by the four Cs – cut, carat, colour, clarity. You’ll need to understand this information to get the best price for your diamond jewellery – check out our useful guide to diamonds here to make sure you know how these factors work.


Selling diamond jewellery requires research but if you know precisely what you have, you will be able to sell your diamond jewellery for a fair price you’ll be happy with.

Selling Diamond Jewellery at Auction

Selling diamond jewellery at auction is a relatively simple process because once it’s sold, there’s no comeback and you walk away with whatever it was sold for (minus the auction house’s fees and commission). If you set a reserve price and the diamond jewellery doesn’t sell, you will have to look for other ways to sell your diamond jewellery.

Selling Diamond Jewellery to a Dealer

Diamond dealers will value your diamond jewellery and will give you an accurate valuation based on carat, cut, clarity and colour but bear in mind that they are looking to make a profit themselves so there will be a margin factored in to their offer. If you are looking for a quick sale this could be your best option but if you don’t need to rush the process you may get a higher price for your diamond jewellery elsewhere.

Selling Diamond Jewellery to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers can value your diamond jewellery and again, if you want a fast sale, this may be a good option to explore but you will likely be offered a price below true market value. Many people use pawnbrokers to leverage quick cash when they are seeking to sell gold, sell jewellery or sell antiques so the nature of the situation can facilitate low offers. If you want your diamond jewellery back, remember that you’ll have to pay back the loan amount as well as traditionally high rate of interest.


At 62days we offer a quick, convenient, safe and secure way for you to sell diamond jewellery. Clients of 62days are guaranteed a professional, reliable and secure way to sell diamond jewellery to earn additional income –

  • You have a 62 day cooling off period
  • Our valuation, collection and FedEx delivery service is 100% FREE, insured and fully traceable and you are backed by TRUSTe, the web’s most secure online privacy provider
  • Upload up to five detailed photos of your diamond jewellery along with a brief description and our experts will get back to you with a valuation
  • We are staffed by industry experts We use PayPal or Google Checkout or alternatively, we can pay you straight into your bank account
  • If you ask ‘where to sell diamond jewellery’, we believe the answer should always be 62days.com


Selling diamond jewellery requires a good deal of research because individual items can look the same but can also vary in terms of the minute detail only experts can see and understand. It’s worth talking to jewellers who have been recommended to you but also look at websites such as 62days.com for an expert-level assessment and appraisal.

Also ask yourself why you want to sell your diamond jewellery? If your reasons are purely financial, you can sell diamond jewellery online but beware of low valuations. If you have emotional or sentimental reasons, especially to sell antique diamond jewellery, to sell vintage diamond jewellery or to sell designer diamond jewellery you can get  a much better return if you bide your time and don’t rush.

Also remember that the sentimental value you place on your diamond jewellery doesn’t always match with its true monetary value.

If you’re thinking about using peer-to-peer trading websites be sure to consider security. There may be people out there who look for diamond jewellery sales listings and then try and convince you to accept lower offers than the item’s true worth, so be careful who you engage with ensure you follow any security guidance provided by the service itself and by the police.


Our diamond jewellery experts know and understand the market in extensive detail and can give you a fair and fast valuation. Remember, you’ll remain both in control of the sale process and under no obligation to sell should the valuation not match your own.


If you want to sell diamond jewellery and you want a fast, free valuation with no obligation on your part whatsoever, just upload your images and we will get back to you within 20 minutes.