Current 18ct Gold Price per Gram

29 May 2012

This article will give you information about the current 18ct gold price per gram so you can decide for yourself whether selling 18ct gold is the right option for you.

18ct gold prices are governed by supply and demand but there are factors that make buying and selling 18ct gold slightly different.

Gold doesn’t rot, it can’t be upgraded and people rarely throw it away (based on recent estimations that about 80% of mined gold is still out there somewhere).

Recently, two of the reasons the 18ct gold price has gone up is due to the socio-political climate and our on-going fears of terrorism and war. As the money markets and shares remain highly volatile, investors now look for commodities that won’t lose value and the price of gold is a perfect example.

18ct gold prices have been steadily climbing and now could be the ideal time to sell your gold.

Gold Facts

  • The chemical symbol for gold is ‘Au’, from the Latin word ‘aurum’, meaning ‘shining dawn’.
  • It is estimated that less than 50% of the world’s gold is still in the ground (around 100,000 tonnes) but there are thought to be between 100m and 10bn tonnes in the oceans, however no-one can come up with an economically effective way to recover it!
  • Gold is so pliable that it can be made into sewing thread. An ounce of gold can be stretched to a length of over 50 miles.

Gold Purity

The carat rating of gold affects its value, usefulness, colour and strength. Gold purity is measured in a total of 24 units, or carats, so pure gold is 24 carats.

18ct gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals (usually copper or silver) so it therefore has a purity of 75%.

Current 18ct Gold Price per Gram

At October 2013, the current 18ct gold price per gram is around £19 but the price is constantly changing and will vary slightly between different buyers and sellers so we suggest hunting around, not just for the best prices for your 18ct gold, but for websites that are trustworthy and reliable, like

You will sometimes see gold prices quoted in ‘troy ounces’ and one troy ounce is equal to 31.1g.

There’s a very quick calculation you can do to get the average troy ounce price – £19 x 31.1, which give you an average 18ct gold price per troy ounce of around £ 590

Future Gold Prices

Trying to predict the price of 18ct gold in the future is incredibly hard. There are some market analysts who think the price of 18ct gold will peak in Q4-2013 so they are the ones who suggest you buy now; some say the price of 18ct gold has already peaked, so they are the ones who suggest you sell now. Either way, the first person to get it right will be extremely wealthy by the start of 2014!

18ct Gold Prices Online

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What You Should Do Now

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