Current 22ct Gold Price per Gram

29 May 2012

In this special feature, you’ll find information about the current 22ct gold price per gram and we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to decide whether selling 22ct gold for cash is the right option.

Like every commodity 22ct gold prices are determined by the rules of supply and demand but there are certain issues you need to factor in when selling 22ct gold – gold doesn’t decay, you can’t upgrade it and there are very few people who will put it straight into the bin.

The 22ct gold price has risen in the last few years partly because of our ongoing fears of national and international instability. As money markets and shares remain steeped in volatility, investors are seeking out opportunities that in the long term won’t drop in value, and the price of gold is a good example.

For some time now, 22ct gold prices have been getting higher and higher it could be just the right time to sell your 22ct gold for cash.


Gold Facts

  • Gold is so malleable and it can be hammered out so thinly, a one-inch high pile of gold sheets can contain around 200,000 individual sheets!
  • The word ‘carat’ is derived from the Greek word ‘carob’. Traders used to use the carob seed as a counterbalance when weighing gold because they appeared to have a uniform weight.
  • 22ct gold is often referred to as ‘yellow gold’ due to its distinctive colour.


Gold Purity

The carat rating of gold affects its value. Gold purity is measured in a total of 24 units, or carats, and 24ct gold is considered to be 99.999% pure.

22ct gold is 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals (usually copper or silver) so it has a purity of 91.6%.


Current 22ct Gold Price per Gram

In February 2013, the current 22ct gold price per gram was £30.70 but the price is subject to constant variation and will vary between different buyers and sellers. We always recommend shopping around, not just for the best prices for your 22ct gold, but for industry-leading websites you can trust, like

You will occasionally see gold prices quoted in ‘troy ounces’ and one troy ounce equals 31.1g.

You can work out the troy ounce price easily by multiplying £30.70  x 31.1, which gives you an average 22ct gold price per troy ounce of approximately £956.


Future Gold Prices

Future predictions concerning the price of 22ct gold is, as you can imagine, both complex and uncertain. Some industry insiders say the price of 22ct gold will peak by mid-2013 and are telling consumers to buy and some are suggesting the price of 22ct gold has already topped out, so they are telling consumers to sell. As with all the advice we give, do your research, speak to independent jewellers and people in the know and find out as much as you can about market trends before taking action. If you do wish to sell, try to use a service like, where you have a 62 day free cooling off period – so if the price of gold rises dramatically, you can simply get your gold items returned and sell again at a higher value.


22ct Gold Prices Online

Using industry experts from websites with a strong reputation like is the most accurate way of finding out the value of your 22ct gold.

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What You Should Do Now

If you want additional information from 62days about 22ct gold prices, or if you want to see quickly how much money we could give you for your gold items, upload your item today for an online quote.