How to Sell Gold Coins

12 Jun 2012

Selling gold coins today, especially in such a volatile economic climate can be risky unless you have all the necessary information at hand to make an informed decision about what to do, when to do it and most importantly, how to do it.



When we talk about selling gold coins, the coins we are referring to here are as follows –

Selling Louis D’or and French Gold Coins
Louis D’or •Golf Francs •20 Francs Napoleon • 40 Francs Napoleon

Selling American Eagles
One Ounce American Eagle • Half Ounce American Eagle • Quarter Ounce American Eagle • Tenth Ounce American Eagle               

Selling British Sovereigns
Five Sovereign • Double Sovereign • Full Sovereign • Half Sovereign • Quarter Sovereign • Sovereign Sets

Selling Canadian Maple Leaf
One Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf • Half Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf • Quarter Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf • Tenth Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf • Fifteenth Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf • Twentieth Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf

Selling South African Gold Coins and Selling Krugerrands
One Ounce Kruger • Half Krugerrand • Quarter Krugerrand • Tenth Krugerrand

That said, if you do have any of the less common gold coins to sell, for example Austrian Philharmonikers, Chinese Pandas, Australian Nuggets or British Britannias, we will happily offer you a free, no obligation quote. All you need to do is upload your gold coin now.



There are a number of reasons why people want to sell gold coins –

  • It’s a fast and relatively simple way to liquidate assets
  • You may have realised them as part of an inheritance or bequest
  • You follow the market and know when the right time to sell your gold coins is



There are three very important things you may want to do when you’re preparing to sell your gold coins –

a) understand exactly what you have
b) collate any documentation, certificates and presentation cases that came with the coins
c) speak to a coin collector or dealer, or to give them their proper title ‘numismatists’, for a ball park valuation



Selling Gold Coins at Auction
– if you hunt around, there are auction houses that specialise in selling gold coins. The main advantage is that once the gavel goes down, the sale is final and you have achieved your aim, but there are two distinct disadvantages. First, if on the day you decide to sell the room isn’t busy, you may not get what you expected – if they sell at all – and second, auction houses have listing and selling fees so be aware of your potential liability.

Selling Gold Coins On Auction Websites
– Popular peer-to-peer sites are generally fine for selling small-scale items, but if you’re selling gold coins, especially rare gold coins or ones likely to achieve high prices, be mindful of the issues surrounding security, delivery and collection and people who don’t pay when they say they will.

Selling Gold Coins to Dealers
– First you need to look for and then find a dealer with a good reputation. He or she may decide to buy the coins from you but of course they have to sell them on so it’s unlikely you’ll get the best prices, plus they may insist on certificates of authenticity so make sure you have them to hand when you’re speaking to them.

Selling Gold Coins Online

The internet is fast becoming an excellent way to sell gold coins and sites like are fast, trustworthy and can offer you extremely competitive prices.

  • You can sell your gold coins for cash quickly and easily at 62days. In a unique twist, once you sell them, you have up to 62 days to change your mind and buy them back for precisely the same price and not a penny more.
  • 62days is completely free from beginning to end. We don’t charge for quotes; we don’t charge for our courier collection and we don’t charge for delivery should you want to buy your gold coins back from us.
  • We will only use secure payment facilities from the world’s biggest companies – PayPal, Google Checkout, Neteller and Moneybookers, or alternatively we can deposit the cash for your gold coins straight into your back account.
  • Simply upload a photograph of your coins are we will get back to you with a free quotation.



62days will offer you a free, fast quote for your gold coins from our industry experts at no obligation to you at all. Upload a photograph now!