Where Can I Sell Gold Cufflinks

10 May 2013

Many people find themselves with jewellery they no longer wear or inherited items that just lie in forgotten in dusty boxes. Oftentimes it is small items such as cufflinks which are most prone to this phenomenon and they simply get lost over time. But what if you could sell your cufflinks and get a little extra income from an item which would otherwise be ignored. Increasingly, more people are taking this option, particularly with gold cufflinks. However, to sell gold cufflinks takes research and an understanding of the market. This article is intended to tell you a little about gold cufflinks and their value, where to sell gold cufflinks and how to sell gold cufflinks so that you can make the most of your unwanted items.



The National Cufflink Society (yes, there is one…) say that there is evidence that images of cufflinks were found in hieroglyphics in the ancient Egyptian tomb of King Tutankhamen but the first mention of cufflinks as we know them came from the 1700s. They were considered a luxury item, made from gold and silver set with gemstones and they were all made by hand.



Gold cufflinks are far from being standard items. There are huge variations in sizes, styles, composition and before you start to enquire as to where to sell gold cufflinks, you need to know what you have. Are you looking to –

  • Sell 9ct Gold Cufflinks
  • Sell 18ct Gold Cufflinks
  • Sell Antique Gold Cufflinks
  • Sell Vintage Gold Cufflinks
  • Sell Art Deco Gold Cufflinks
  • Sell Gold Torpedo Cufflinks
  • Sell Gold Chain-Link Cufflinks
  • Sell Gold Bar Cufflinks
  • Sell Gold Whale Back Cufflinks
  • Sell White Gold Cufflinks



As we mentioned selling gold cufflinks needs a fair bit of research but armed with the right information, you’ll be able to sell your gold cufflinks for a price that’s fair.

Sell Gold Cufflinks Online

There are a myriad of online buyers who will make you an offer on your gold cufflinks. Some will provide a quote upfront; others will require you to send the item to them first. Oftentimes they ask you to send them your cufflinks through the standard postal system – so remember to be aware of what tracking and insurance is in place before you send your cufflinks in. Equally, many people will try peer-to-peer auction sites. These can be a great way to sell your gold cufflinks but keep in mind that everyone’s always looking for a deal! Importantly, be aware of any security guidance offered by the service and by the police before selling gold items to strangers.

Selling Gold Cufflinks at Auction

Selling gold cufflinks at auction is easy because the auctioneers conduct the sale process for you but with any auction, the final sale price is non-negotiable. As the auctioneer calls ‘SOLD’, your gold cufflinks are sold! One thing we will mention is when you are choosing an auction house to sell your gold cufflinks, make sure they tell you clearly what their fee and commission structure is. You may also set a reserve price but if the auction doesn’t get that high, you will have to look for other ways to sell your gold cufflinks.

Selling Your Gold Cufflinks to a Pawnbroker

Selling gold cufflinks to a pawnbroker could be considered an ‘old fashioned’ thing to do but if you are looking for a quick sale for your gold cufflinks, it may be the right option for you. Many people use pawnbrokers to sell gold, sell jewellery or to sell engagement ring or a luxury watch. They can offer you a price below their true market value and if you don’t return to claim the cufflinks within (typically) 6-12 months, the gold cufflinks become their property and they can sell them on at a profit. It’s worth nothing that if you want to buy your gold cufflinks back, you will have to repay the loan, plus the interest accrued.

Selling Gold Cufflinks to a Dealer

Gold cufflinks are highly prized items and a dealer will be able to give you a true market valuation. However as the word ‘dealer’ suggests, they may offer to buy your gold cufflinks but they will be looking to sell them on at a profit so be mindful that you may be able to get a higher price for your gold cufflinks elsewhere.



At 62days, we have gold cufflinks experts who can give you a fast and accurate market valuation but you are under no obligations whatsoever to sell your gold cufflinks if you don’t want to.



For one thing, you are in full control of the sale from start to finish. In addition, each client is offered a safe, reliable and trusted way to sell gold cufflinks for cash –

  • Our service is FREE, from the valuation through to collections and deliveries by FedEx. We also use TRUSTe, the web’s most secure online privacy provider
  • We are called 62days because you have 62 days to decide if you want to buy your gold cufflinks back at the same price we bought them from you for. There are no hidden interest charges or fees at all
  • All you need to do is upload up to five detailed photographs of your gold cufflinks with a description  and our in-house experts will get back to you with a valuation
  • We will offer you extremely competitive prices for your gold cufflinks
  • We can pay you straight into your nominated bank account, or through online payment providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Our experts are experienced industry professionals and they understand the gold cufflinks market. When you ask ‘where to sell gold cufflinks’, we think the answer has to be 62days.com



Earlier in the article we told you to do your research and find out what similar gold cufflinks are selling for. Talk to trusted independent jewellers and look online at sites like 62days, but there are other things to be mindful of –

Why do you want to sell your gold cufflinks? You can sell your gold cufflinks for cash if finances are your primary reason but for emotional or sentimental sales, especially to sell antique gold cufflinks, to sell vintage gold cufflinks or to sell designer gold cufflinks you can realise high prices if you take your time and don’t rush the process.

It’s always useful to have in the back of your mind that the sentimental value you attach to your gold cufflinks may not equate to the real value.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the use of peer-to-peer sites to sell gold cufflinks because of safety, security, payments and deliveries. There can be people looking at ‘sell gold cufflinks’ listings on the various websites who may try and take advantage of your perceived lack of knowledge so be very careful who you talk to and always check their feedback and client testimonials.



Selling gold cufflinks is both easy and straightforward with 62days. For a FREE quote with no obligation, please upload your photographs and we will respond within 24 hours.