How Can I Sell Gold Earrings Safely?

15 Jul 2013

The market for selling second hand gold has changed a lot in the last ten years. When it comes to selling gold earrings, you’ll probably find you have far more options today than you would have had in the past. However, you’ll probably find that there’s a big difference in price, ease and trust on offer from various potential buyers. This means that when you’re looking to sell gold earrings, you may wish to look further than the standard cash-for-gold offers. So in this article, we’ll give you all the information you need about gold earrings and their value, where to sell gold earrings and how to sell gold earrings quickly, easily and safely.


Obviously everyone knows what gold earrings are… so here’s a little history. Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification dating back at least to ancient Persian times and most probably long before that. There are even references to earrings in the Bible but they became widely fashionable by the late sixteenth century; clergyman William Harrison noted in 1577 that ‘some lusty courtiers and gentlemen of courage do wear either rings of gold, stones or pearls in their ears.’


Gold earrings come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and styles and before you start to think about a sale and ask where to sell gold earrings, you need to be sure of what you have. Do you want to –

  • Sell 9ct Gold Earrings
  • Sell 18ct Gold Earrings
  • Sell 22ct Gold Earrings
  • Sell Antique Gold Earrings
  • Sell Vintage Gold Earrings
  • Sell Designer Gold Earrings


You have a wide range of options to sell your gold earrings and you should probably take a little time to research and consider the pros and cons of each before deciding which the best option for you.

Sell Gold Earrings Online

An online search for ‘sell gold earrings’ will bring back  lots of services and options. Indeed, the internet has seen a burst of activity in selling second-hand gold buying in recent times and a number of companies are seeking to purchase your old or unwanted gold items. These will range from postal gold services to affiliated high-street centres and peer-to-peer websites. These multiple options mean you can easily compare and contrast the prices on offer. However, one key point to keep in mind is that these services will usually ask you to send your gold through the post; if you do take such an option make sure there is insurance in place or you may lose out if the item is lost in transit.

Equally, many people will try peer-to-peer sites. These can be an excellent option, but remember to be aware of any security guidance offered by the service and by the police before selling gold earrings to strangers. Likewise you’ll likely have to send the item in the post, so again think of insurance. It’s probably worth mentioning here that, though we’re obviously biased, we’d like to think that at we not only offer competitive prices, but also by offering you free, insured FedEx courier pick-up and drop off (which is fully traceable whilst in transit), we’re a little bit ahead of the game!

Selling Gold Earrings to a Pawnbroker

If you want to sell gold earrings quickly, a pawnbroker could be a good option. They will value your gold earrings and offer you a loan based on that value. If you want the earrings back, you need to pay the loan back along with their (typically high) interest rates but if not, you keep the money and the pawnbroker will sell your gold earrings on, probably at a profit. Their offers may not prove to be the most competitive and many people use pawnbrokers to sell jewellery, sell watches or sell art.

Selling Gold Earrings to a Dealer

If you want to sell your gold earrings to a dealer you need to be mindful of the fact that, again, they will be looking to buy them and then sell them on for a mark-up. The dealer will value your gold earrings and may make you an offer so this is an option to explore. However, if you don’t need to rush the process, look around and compare offers from a number of dealers and try to haggle to make sure you get the best deal.

Selling Gold Earrings at Auction

Selling gold earrings at auction can be pretty efficient but it does depend on what you have, its value and who happens to be at the auction when you’re trying to sell. The advantage of selling gold earrings at auction is that once the gavel falls, the sale is complete; but if there’s no interest in the room on that particular day, or the bids don’t reach the reserve price, you need to find another way to sell your gold earrings.


Aside from you remaining in full control of the sale from start to finish, is an industry-leading business with a reputation for honesty and integrity and we offer you a trusted and reliable way to sell your gold earrings safely, securely and easily –

  • Collections and valuations are 100% FREE through FedEx and your earrings are insured while in transit
  • From the day of the sale, you have a 62 day cooling off period
  • As established industry experts, we can offer you extremely competitive prices for your gold earrings
  • We can pay you using PayPal, Google Checkout or straight into your bank account
  • All you have to do is upload clear images of your gold earrings with a short description and our experts will send your valuation to you
  • Our experts are experienced industry professionals and they understand the gold earrings market. So in our mind, when you ask ‘where to sell gold earrings’, the answer should be


When selling anything, especially selling gold earrings, you need to do your research and discover what you have and an idea of their value. The best way to do this is to talk to jewellers and look at trusted online sites like

Keep in mind why you want to sell your gold earrings. If your motivation is purely financial and time is of the essence, you can sell your gold earrings quickly at a lot of places. If you have more time, look around for the best offers. If you want to sell vintage gold earrings, sell antique gold earrings or sell designer gold earrings, make sure you have any associated documentation as this sort of paperwork can only add to their value..

The overall message is don’t rush, take your time and you will realise the best prices for your gold earrings.


Here at, we have gold earrings experts who are on hand to offer you a true market valuation quickly and FREE and there is no obligation on your part should you not wish to proceed with the sale.


As we said, all you have to do to sell today is upload your pictures and selling gold earrings will be quick, easy, safe, secure and hassle free with us!