How Can I Sell a Gold Signet Ring?

22 Jul 2013

When it comes to selling something like a gold signet ring the market has changed a lot in the last ten years. There’s a myriad of options but perhaps the hardest thing is taking the leap of faith necessary to sell; particularly as so many companies offer to buy gold over the internet and it can be hard to know who you’re dealing with. So when it comes to selling your gold signet ring, you’ll probably want to consider both the offer price and the ease and trust on offer from the various buyers, and you may wish to look further than the standard cash-for-gold offers.

To help you understand your options, this article is intended to tell you a little about gold signet rings and their value, where to sell gold signet rings and perhaps most importantly, how to sell gold signet rings safely, quickly and without the hassle.



A gold signet ring is a ring set with a seal or the initials of the owner to signify status, wealth or power of the owner or for identification purposes. They were used to affix identification marks and stamps of approval to documents or on doors or tombs and are usually adorned with coats of arms, family crests or symbols representing club or association membership.



There are plenty of options available to you to sell gold signet rings but as we mentioned, there are wide variations in style and by reading this article you will be armed with the information you need to sell your gold signet ring for the highest price.

Sell Gold Signet Ring Online

There are several ways to sell your gold signet ring on the Internet, ranging from postal gold services to big-name high-street centres and peer-to-peer websites. As you research your options you’ll probably find that many different companies will make you an offer. Some are names you will recognise straight away while others are smaller operators trying to build a reputation. Most of these companies are legitimate and regulated, but it’s certainly worth doing your research before selling your signet ring. If you’re not familiar with them, check out the company details and try to find reviews from trusted users on independent review sites. Other factors to keep in mind are the offer value, whether there are any transport or administration charges, and crucially whether there is any insurance in place to protect you should your item get lost or stolen. Many online buyers will ask you to send your gold through the standard post, so it’s important to consider how comfortable you are with such a process. Likewise, another online option to sell your signet ring is through peer-to-peer sites and auctions. Again, you need to keep in mind transport and insurance and remember to be aware of any security guidance offered by the service and by the police before selling your gold signet ring to strangers.

Selling a Gold Signet Ring at Auction

Selling a gold signet ring at auction depends on both the ring you have and the amount of interest there is in the room on that particular day. The main advantage is that once the gavel falls, the ring is sold but if it doesn’t sell – or reach its reserve price – you are left looking for alternative ways to sell your gold signet ring.

Selling a Gold Signet Ring to a Dealer

There are dealers who specialise in gold signet rings and they will probably value your ring, though often for a fee. They may decide to make you an offer but it’s worth noting that dealers look to buy low and sell for a profit so selling a gold signet ring to a dealer may not realise the best price. However, if you’re looking for quick cash for your gold signet ring, this is an option to consider.

Selling a Gold Signet Ring to a Pawnbroker

If you’re looking to sell your gold signet ring to a pawnbroker, they will offer you a ‘loan’ in return for you leaving the ring as collateral against that loan but again, it’s unlikely that they will offer you the highest prices for your gold signet ring. If you want the ring back, you need to pay off the loan along with the interest charges. Again, if you are looking for quick cash for your gold signet ring, this is one option to consider. Many people use pawnbrokers to get quick cash when they sell jewellery, sell gold or sell art.



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How to sell gold signet rings and where to sell gold signet rings are important elements to understand, but there are other things to keep in mind –

  • Given the variety of gold signet rings, you really need to talk to experts, such as independent jewellers or online experts on sites like 62days.
  • The more information you have, the more likely you are to sell your gold signet ring at the best return
  • If you have any documentation pertaining to the ring, you are more likely to sell your signet ring for the highest price

Keep in mind as well why you want to sell your gold signet ring. If it’s purely financial, you can sell your gold signet ring for cash at a number of places, both online and on the High Street. But if you’re not in a rush or you want to sell antique gold signet rings or sell vintage gold signet rings, there are specialists you should talk to before you enter into the sale process.



There isn’t a single value for gold signet rings but at 62days, our experts will make the process simple and offer you a FREE, no obligation valuation based on your information.



There are a number of different types of signet ring so when the time comes to sell signet rings, we advise understanding what you have by researching the market. Do you want to –

  • Sell signet rings
  • Sell gold signet rings
  • Sell 9ct gold signet ring
  • Sell 18ct gold signet ring
  • Sell Oxford signet ring
  • Sell stone set signet ring
  • Sell cushion shape signet ring
  • Sell square signet ring
  • Sell enamelled signet ring



The only thing you need to do in order to sell your gold signet ring today is upload your images and wait for your FREE, no obligation valuation!