Where is the Best Place to Sell a Sovereign Ring?

11 Jul 2013

With the rise of the Internet transforming the second hand jewellery market, there are lots of different ways to sell items such as a gold sovereign ring. For many people, old jewellery such as this simply ends up lying around abandoned and forgotten. This may be because it’s from an inheritance, it’s gone out of fashion or you just don’t think this type of jewellery suits you anymore. But with items such as a gold sovereign ring, it could still fetch a decent sum if you want to try selling it. In fact there are quite a few options available for selling this sort of ring and this article will tell you more about sovereign rings and their value, where to sell gold sovereign rings and also how to sell gold sovereign rings quickly, easily and safely.



A sovereign ring is a ring which has a gold sovereign coin as the primary feature. The actual sovereigns are either genuine or replicas and in certain countries there are traditional designs, such as in the UK where it’s tradition for the coin to bear motifs such as the ‘Three Lions’ or an image of St. George.



Before you can start the sale process, it’s wise to determine exactly what type of sovereign ring you have so you’re not entering into any sale blind. There are a number of different types of ring, so are you looking to –

  • Sell Sovereign Ring
  • Sell Gold Sovereign Ring
  • Sell Full Sovereign Ring
  • Sell Full Gold Sovereign Ring
  • Sell Half Sovereign Ring
  • Sell Half Gold Sovereign Ring



There are a number of options available to you to sell gold sovereign rings, all with their merits, but we will always suggest doing your research first. Find out what you have and it’s age and composition and, when you have enough information, selling your gold sovereign ring should be much easier.

Sell a Sovereign Ring Online

There are a number of ways to sell your sovereign ring online, some are from names you will recognise while others are smaller operators trying to build a reputation. While the vast majority of these companies are legitimate, it’s worth researching them before selling your sovereign ring online. Factors to consider are the offer value, whether there are any transport charges and crucially whether there’s insurance to protect you should your sovereign ring get lost or stolen in transit. Many gold buyers will simply ask you to send your gold through the standard postal system, so it’s important to consider how comfortable you are with this. As well as online gold buyers, there are also peer-to-peer networks. These can be a good way to sell a sovereign ring on the Internet, but make sure you set a reserve price or you could end up selling for less then you’re happy with. Likewise, if using such a service make sure you follow any security guidelines provided by the operator and the police.

Selling a Sovereign Ring to a Dealer

Sovereign rings are highly collectible and if you go and see a jewellery dealer, ask him or her to value your sovereign ring and give you as much information as possible about it. They may decide to make you an offer but consider the fact that they are dealers and will usually look to buy low and sell high. If you’re in no hurry, take your time, get a number of dealers to examine the item and explore all your options.

Selling a Gold Sovereign Ring to a Pawnbroker

If you want quick cash for your sovereign ring, a pawnbroker is potentially a good option but it’s likely that any offer they make will be on the low side. As you know, if you want to buy your sovereign ring back, you will have to repay the loan as well as their self-imposed interest charges. People often use pawn brokers as a way to sell jewellery, sell gold or sell an engagement ring in order to get swift funds.

Selling a Gold Sovereign Ring at Auction

Selling a gold sovereign ring at auction is a slight risk because there’s no guarantee how much you will end up with as well as there being no guarantees there will be any interest in the room for your particular ring. Once you sell your sovereign ring the sale is final, but if you don’t, or the ring doesn’t reach your reserve price, you are left looking to sell your gold sovereign ring elsewhere.



We understand that when it comes to selling, you have a variety of options available to you. However, we feel the benefits of using 62days to sell your gold sovereign ring are immediate. We offer a safe, reliable and honest way to sell sovereign rings for cash –

  • Valuations and collections are 100% FREE using FedEx couriers and insured in transit
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  • If you’re unsure about any aspect of the process, you have 62 days to change your mind and buy the ring back for exactly the amount we paid you for it
  • All you have to do to sell today is upload up to five good images along with a short description and we’ll send you your valuation
  • We are experienced industry professionals who really understand the sovereign ring market so when customers ask ‘where to sell gold sovereign rings’ we feel the only answer is 62days.com.



Sovereign rings come in a wide variety of styles so there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start the sale process –

  • Research the market by looking online at sites like 62days and speak to jewellers about how to sell gold sovereign rings
  • Get an accurate market valuation from an independent jeweller or from the experts at 62days

Keep in mind why you want to sell your sovereign ring. If you want quick cash for your sovereign ring, your options are plentiful but you may not get the detailed quote you are looking for and therefore the price you end up with could disappoint. To sell vintage sovereign rings or to sell antique sovereign rings you will need detailed information but you may realise the highest prices. It’s also worth noting that the sentimental value you place on the ring may not necessarily equate to its real monetary value.



Gold sovereign rings, as we’ve said, come in a variety of styles so if you’re looking for an accurate valuation, speak to a number of independent jewellers or talk to the experts at 62days, who will give you a fast and FREE valuation. There’s no obligation at all on your part so if you decide not to sell your gold sovereign ring, you don’t have to!



With 62days, selling a gold sovereign ring is easy. For a FREE, no obligation quote to see how much you can sell your gold sovereign ring for, upload your photographs and we will get back to you within 24 hours.