Where Can I Sell White Gold

30 Apr 2013

With the ease of the internet transforming the market for second hand jewellery sales, there are now a myriad of options for people looking to sell white gold or to sell jewellery in general

If you want to sell white gold items you have choices. In fact there are quite a few options available and this guide will take you through them ensuring you’ll understand all about selling white gold, where to sell white gold and perhaps most vitally, how to sell white gold safely and securely.


White gold is an alloy composed of gold and at least one white metal. It could be nickel, platinum, manganese or palladium. It’s important to note that the term ‘white gold’ covers a spectrum of colours that overlap the traditional gold colour and one of the most common ‘recipes’ is 90% gold and 10% nickel. It’s a popular alternative to ‘yellow gold’, silver and platinum and became fashionable in the 1920s, mainly as a substitute for platinum which was more expensive and harder to work with.


You have a number of options when it comes to selling white gold and you must always do your homework to identify exactly what you are in possession of and what carat your white gold is. Like normal yellow gold, white gold usually comes in 9ct, 18ct or 24ct though occasionally you will find other varieties. The specific type of white gold jewellery you own will also affect the price so keep in mind how the type of item you own will change the value. For example, if you’re:

  • Selling White Gold Rings: Is there a gemstone or diamond on the ring? If so, it could increase the value.
  • Selling White Gold Pendants: Is the chain also white gold?
  • Selling White Gold Necklaces: How thick is the necklace? What is the total weight?
  • Selling White Gold Earrings: Again, consider the value of any gemstones or diamonds.
  • Selling White Gold Bracelets: Is it made from composite materials or is it all white gold?
  • Selling White Gold Cufflinks: Is the item solid white gold or just gold plated?

Remember, it will be of great benefit if you can establish all of the above factors before starting to talk to buyers. You will be in a far stronger position if you have all the information about your item to hand and it helps avoid being misled by industry jargon. If you don’t have the paperwork for your item, consider getting an independent valuation from a jeweller before starting the sales process.

Once you are ready to sell, that’s when you want to start considering your sales options:

Selling White Gold at Auction

To sell white gold at auction, you need to be aware of a number of things. Firstly you need to know what you have and its ball-park value. Second, you need to know and understand the fees and commissions associated with selling white gold at auction and third, you can set a reserve price below which your white gold won’t sell. The only drawback of setting a reserve price is that if it doesn’t sell, or there is no interest in the room on that particular day, you are left looking for somewhere else to sell your white gold.

Selling White Gold to a Pawnbroker

If you’re wondering where to sell white gold, a pawnbroker is an option but again, before you go, make sure you’re aware of the implications.  They will loan you an amount of money using your white gold as collateral but if you want your item back, you need to repay the loan amount plus interest charges which can often be quite high. Many people use pawnbrokers to leverage short term loans, but some will use them to simply sell jewellery, sell antiques or also branded products such as people selling Rolex watches etc.

Selling White Gold to a Dealer

A good place to sell white gold is through a dealer. They will value your white gold which will give an indication of its trade value, but if they decide to make you an offer it’s could to be on the lower side since they will always be looking to move it on at a profit. This could be a good route to go down but if you have time and you’re not in any hurry, it’s worth exploring all your available options to sell white gold.

Selling White Gold Online

There are dozens of ways to sell white gold online, some are from names you will recognise straight away while others are smaller operators trying to build a reputation.

While the vast majority of these companies are legitimate and regulated, it’s certainly worth doing your research.. Particular factors to keep in mind are the offer value, whether there are any transport or administration charges and crucially whether there is any insurance in place to protect you should your item get lost or stolen. Many online gold buyers will ask you to simply send your gold through the standard postal system, so it’s important to consider how comfortable you are with such a process.


Aside from the fact that we are one of Europe’s most trusted online purchasing platforms, you are in complete control of the sale process from beginning to end. In addition, we offer you a safe, secure and quick way to sell your valuables –

  • We offer you a 62 day cooling off period
  • All collections, deliveries and valuations are carried out by FedEx couriers and are FREE
  • Your items are insured and fully traceable while they are in transit
  • You have the backing of TRUSTe, the web’s most secure online privacy provider
  • Upload a maximum of five detailed photographs of your items along with a short description and we will send you your valuation
  • We use trusted online payment providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout or we can deposit the money straight into your bank
  • The 62days white gold experts are experienced industry professionals who really understand the market so when our customers ask ‘where to sell white gold’ the only answer for them is 62days


How to sell white gold and where to sell white gold are difficult questions to answer unless you are armed with all the facts and all your options. Speak to independent jewellers and do your online research at sites like 62days.com –

  • Have your white gold valued by a jeweller, dealer or the online experts at 62days
  • Dependent on what you have, ensure you have any relevant documentation, receipts and/or Certificates of Authenticity to hand, especially if you’re looking to sell antique white gold or to sell vintage white gold
  • Why do you want to sell your white gold? You can sell your white gold quite easily nowadays but if you rush the process, you will most likely be offered low valuations

You also need to be mindful when looking at peer-to-peer trading sites to sell white gold. There are certain risks surrounding payment, security and deliveries and there may be a number of people searching ‘sell white gold’ who have no qualms about taking advantage of your good nature.


As we’ve mentioned, the value of your white gold is determined by a number of variables including age, weight, style and interest but if you speak to our experts, you will get a fast and FREE valuation with no obligation on your part at all.


Selling white gold is straightforward through 62days and if you would like your FREE quotation simply upload your images today!