How to Sell Your Gold Necklace Online

04 Jun 2012

If you’re keen to sell a gold necklace, this handy guide has been written specifically so you don’t have to play unnecessary ‘sell gold necklace’ games. It is full of all the information you’ll need to make the decision that’s right for you, will set out all your options and will help you decide how you want to sell a gold necklace.

Facts about Gold

It may sound like a very small number given our perception of how much is out there, but the total amount of gold that has ever been mined is only approximately 165 million kg. If it was condensed, it would form a cube just less than 21 metres on all sides.

Gold jewellery accounts for around 50% of ‘new’ gold; 40% is for investments (bullion, krugerrands etc) and the remaining 10% is for industrial purposes like electronics and dentistry.

Gold Necklaces – Purity

Gold necklaces are traditionally made from 9 or 18 carat gold. 24 carat gold is too soft to be used for jewellery making. Simply put, the higher the gold content, the more valuable the product.

  • 24 carat gold is 100% pure – 24 parts out of 24 parts gold
  • 18 carat gold is 75% pure – 18 parts gold, 25% hardening agent, such as copper, zinc or silver
  • 9 carat gold is 37.5% pure, 9 parts gold 62.5% hardening agent

Why Do You Want to Sell A Gold Necklace?

There is no such thing as a standard gold necklace. They come in a huge variety of lengths and thicknesses and are worn for all sorts of reasons by all sorts of people so you need to be sure of the reason you want to sell it.

The simplest economic rules apply when it comes to selling gold necklaces – you want the highest price possible while your buyer wants it for the lowest price possible.

Our advice is to weigh up all your options, take some time to consider and then go for the option that will realise the best result for you.

Money – Selling gold necklaces online or on the High Street will usually result in a quick sale but you might have to accept a little less that it’s real value.

Emotions – You might not like your gold necklace; it may have gone out of style or you might have personal reasons to sell a gold necklace.

Inheritance – Gold necklaces are amongst the most common items passed on in Wills and selling vintage gold necklaces or selling antique gold necklaces can often realise more than you think.

How to Sell a Gold Necklace

As with any sale, there are pros and cons of selling gold necklaces and it’s unusual to put out an ‘I want to sell a gold necklace’ advert and to expect responses. As we’ve said, they vary wildly so we suggest putting in the time and effort to research what you’ve got and to get a ball-park valuation so you are armed with the headline facts when talking to potential buyers.

To Prepare

Speak to an independent jewellery expert to a) value your gold necklace, b) find out exactly what you have in terms of purity and c) make sure you have the correct documents that will facilitate an easy sale.

If you want to sell a gold necklace online, take a series of good photographs that show it in all its detail.

Selling A Gold Necklace at Auction

Speak to a selection of auction houses so you can determine their fees and criteria for selling gold necklaces. Remember, the cheapest won’t always be the best place to go.

You can set a reserve price for your gold necklace but the disadvantage is that if it’s not met, your necklace won’t sell.

Once the auctioneer yells ‘SOLD’, the sale is done. If you’re unhappy with the final price, there’s rarely any comeback but the main advantage is that you have fulfilled what you went there to do – to sell a gold necklace.

Selling A Gold Necklace on the Internet

There are now literally hundreds of websites you can go visit to sell gold jewellery but not all of them are reliable and honest.

Here at we feel we’re a site that our customers trust time and time again due to our reputation for honesty, reliability and security and the fact that when you deal with us you are fully backed by TRUSTe, the internet’s leading online privacy provider.

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When selling through non-standard online businesses, such as peer-to-peer websites, you can sometimes feel like you’re in the middle of ‘sell gold necklace’ games and you need to be aware of payment issues, communication issues and delivery and dispatch when looking at the different ways to sell a gold necklace online.

Other Ways to Sell A Gold Necklace

Antiques Dealers – A vintage or antique gold necklace is of real interest to antique jewellery dealers and they could decide to make you an offer themselves. Alternatively, (and potentially for a finder’s fee) they may be willing to put you in touch with interested parties or other dealers who specialise in selling gold necklaces.

Pawnbrokers – Pawnbrokers will often offer you fast quotes and instant cash for your gold necklace using a time-limited loan agreement. If you want your gold necklace back, you will have to pay what you paid for it plus a high level of interest but if you want to retain the cash, after the loan period ends, the ownership of the necklace reverts to the pawnbroker and it, in effect, becomes a straight sale.

What To Do Now

If after reading this guide you’ve made a decision to sell a gold necklace, you can go ahead. If you’d like to see how much you could get for selling a gold necklace instantly with an expert quotation from 62days which is safe, secure and reliable simply upload images of your item now for a quick, free online quote.