I want to Sell Cartier Jewellery. Where Can I Go?

25 Apr 2013

Cartier ranks among the very best jewellery brands on the market, and is often in high demand. However, for those who wish to sell their Cartier jewellery it can prove tougher than you’d think to realise good value because a lot of Cartier jewellery requires an expert appraisal. So while it’s easy to sell gold on the second hand market, getting a good offer for quality jewellery such as Cartier can be difficult. Though not impossible…

In this article, we’ll set out your options for selling Cartier jewellery, selling Cartier necklaces, selling Cartier bracelets and selling Cartier earrings and show you how, in some cases, it can be a relatively straightforward process. We’ll also give you the inside track on Cartier jewellery and its value; tell you where to sell Cartier jewellery and also how to sell Cartier jewellery swiftly and easily.



As most people know, Cartier is one of the world’s most luxurious jewellery brands and has been for generations.  Founded in 1847, the company became renowned for its exemplary workmanship and subtle taste, earning the title ‘The King of Jewellers and The Jeweller of Kings.’ After expanding his first workshop, Louis- François Cartier built his reputation on knowing how to satisfy the most extravagant of desires amongst the smart and wealthy Parisian set of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.



First off, you need to do your research. Try to identify exactly what the type of Cartier jewellery you have and its serial number – this will make it easier to sell. Next take a look into the Cartier jewellery market and try to get an idea of how much similar items are selling for. Keep in mind that some of the rarer pieces fetch huge sums and if you are lucky enough to have original Cartier jewellery, you could fetch quite a windfall.

Cartier jewellery isn’t a standard and as we’ve mentioned, varies in composition, style, condition and age, so you might need to ask a local jeweller, dealer or specialist to help. Keep in mind though that sometimes fees are charged for valuations. Here at 62days, we have experts who are waiting to give you a free, independent valuation with no obligation on your part at all.



Cartier jewellery encompasses over 160 years of styles and fashions and there is an enormous variation so before you start to consider selling Cartier jewellery, it’s advisable to be aware of what you have and its potential value. Do you want to –

  • Sell Cartier Jewellery
  • Sell Cartier Earrings
  • Sell Cartier Necklaces
  • Sell Cartier Bracelets
  • Sell Antique Cartier Jewellery
  • Sell Vintage Cartier Jewellery



Depending on how you want to sell, there are a number of options available to you to maximise the value of your old Cartier jewellery.

Sell Cartier Jewellery Online

There are a number of Internet-based buyers who may be able to buy your jewellery. They vary in type and most won’t be household names. Keep in mind that some of these services may only be offering a value on the gold content of your jewellery, as they only deal in gold and would simply melt down your jewellery to sell on as scrap. The best prices are likely to come from those buyers who have expertise beyond just gold as they are more likely to be able to maximise the value of the piece. Most online buyers will ask you to use the standard postal system to send in your jewellery, so keep in mind whether any protection or insurance is offered against loss. Another popular way to sell Cartier jewellery online is to use a peer-to-peer auction service. Keep in mind that you may not maximise value this way, with people always looking for a bargain. Also remember to follow any security advice offered by the service and the police before selling gold to strangers.

Selling Cartier Jewellery at Auction

Selling Cartier jewellery at auction, including selling Cartier necklaces, selling Cartier bracelets and selling Cartier earrings can be a simple affair if you know what you have and an idea of its value. You need to be aware of the fees you have to pay for listings as well as the sale commission to the auction house and you can set a reserve price but understand that if your jewellery doesn’t sell, you have to start the selling process all over again.

Selling Cartier Jewellery to a Pawnbroker

To sell jewellery to a pawnbroker requires some thought but if you want quick cash for your Cartier jewellery, a pawnbroker could be a good idea. They will offer you cash as a loan, using the jewellery as collateral but if you want to buy your Cartier jewellery back, you need to repay the loan amount as well as a traditionally high interest rate. They will usually offer you a lower amount than you can get elsewhere, so take your time and shop around for the best prices. Many people use pawnbrokers to sell a wedding ring or to sell jewellery and sell antiques and it can be a quick and easy method.

Selling Cartier Jewellery to a Dealer

Jewellery dealers usually like it when you go in and say ‘I want sell Cartier jewellery!’ They are experts and will offer you a valuation but it’s worth noting that because they are dealers, they may offer to buy your Cartier jewellery for a lower than market value since they need to sell it on to a buyer at a profit.  Speak to a range of dealers and try to find the best prices and feel free to haggle if you’re not happy with an initial offer.



There are lots of very good reasons to use 62days to sell your jewellery but we think the most important ones are that the process is simple, you remain in full control of the sale and we offer you a reliable, safe and secure way to sell your Cartier jewellery for cash –

  • All valuations and collections are free, using FedEx, and items are insured in transit
  • We offer you very competitive prices for your Cartier jewellery
  • We can pay you into your bank account or through trusted online payment providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout
  • If you have any reservations after you sell, you can buy your jewellery back within 62 days for the same amount we paid you
  • Just upload your images along with a short description and we will send you your FREE valuation



When you sell Cartier jewellery, you need to remember a few important things –

  • ‘Cartier jewellery’ is a catch-all term for any jewellery made by Cartier and it takes in a wide range of pieces, styles, ages and conditions so speak to people in the know and search websites such as 62days for detailed information and fast, FREE quotations
  • The value of Cartier jewellery increases exponentially if you have the associated paperwork, such as receipts, the original box or packaging and the Certificate of Authenticity

Why do you want to sell Cartier jewellery, sell Cartier necklaces, sell Cartier bracelets or sell Cartier earrings? If your reasons are purely financial, you can usually get quick cash for your Cartier jewellery online but the offers will vary wildly. Also keep in mind that the sentimental value you place on your Cartier jewellery may not necessarily represent the actual, fiscal value.



All you have to do to sell your Cartier jewellery, sell Cartier necklaces, sell Cartier bracelets or sell Cartier earrings is to upload your pictures and we will send you your FREE, no obligation quotation.