How Can I Sell A Cartier Ring

21 Jun 2013

Cartier is synonymous with luxury and remains one of the most sought after brands on the market. Indeed, Cartier is so in demand that people seeking to trade in their Cartier jewellery can often receive excellent valuations and offers. However, understanding the value of such an item can be tricky – particularly when it comes to selling Cartier rings. To provide some assistance, this article will tell you about Cartier rings and their value, where to sell Cartier rings and how to sell Cartier rings safely, swiftly and easily.



Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier and became a jeweller of distinction to royal households around the world. When pioneer aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont complained that pocket watches were impractical and unreliable for flying, Cartier designed a flat wristwatch with a square bezel and the ‘Santos’ was born as the firm’s first wristwatch as well as one of the most recognisable watches ever made.



Cartier rings come in a variety of styles so before you start thinking about selling your Cartier ring, you need to know precisely what ring you have. Do you want to –

  • Sell Cartier ring
  • Sell Cartier Love ring
  • Sell Cartier Wedding band
  • Sell Cartier Wedding ring
  • Sell Cartier Engagement ring
  • Sell Cartier Trinity ring
  • Sell Cartier Maillon Panthère ring
  • Sell Cartier d’Amour ring



Selling Cartier rings requires research into the designer jewellery market, as they are such specialist and highly coveted pieces, and we will go through your options so you can sell your Cartier ring for the best possible price.

Sell a Cartier Ring Online

With the rise of the Internet there are now a myriad of options for selling second hand luxury jewellery, particularly brands such as Cartier. While most of the market is geared to selling gold, there are buyers who will offer you a competitive price for a Cartier ring. If you run a search for ‘sell Cartier ring’ you’ll probably find a number of companies willing to buy but keep in mind that it’s usually up to you to ensure the transportation is secure and the item is insured. Likewise, peer-to-peer auction sites will often leave transportation issue as your responsibility. These sites can be a good way to sell a Cartier ring but make sure you set a reserve price and follow any security advice from the service itself as well as the police before selling to strangers. There are also issues surrounding giving out personal details and payments so make sure you are dealing with people you can trust. Check the buyer’s feedback and history and, if you can, talk to previous sellers about their experiences.

Selling a Cartier Ring to a Dealer

Dealers who specialise in Cartier rings will value your Cartier ring and confirm its authenticity (often for a fee so check beforehand). They may also be in a position to make you an offer but it’s worth noting that they, as with all dealers, they are precisely that. They will want to buy your Cartier ring for a conservative price and sell it on for a profit. If you want a quick sale for your Cartier ring this is a good option but if you have time, we suggest exploring all possibilities before selling your Cartier ring.

Selling a Cartier Ring to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers are essentially similar to dealers in that they will look to offer you cash for your Cartier ring but it is likely to be on the low side of what you value the ring at. If you want to buy your ring back, you will have to repay the loan amount as well as a traditionally high interest rate so again, if you want quick cash for your Cartier ring, talk to a pawnbroker, but for a higher price, take your time and wait. Many people will use a pawnbroker to get quick cash when they sell a gold ring, sell diamond jewellery or sell antiques.

Selling a Cartier Ring at Auction

Selling a Cartier ring at auction can be a relatively straightforward affair if you know exactly what you have. They are highly sought after by collectors and as long as there are interested parties in the room, your Cartier ring should sell (but of course you need to know the auction house’s fee structure for selling and listing). You can always set a reserve price but if the ring doesn’t sell, you are left searching where to sell your Cartier ring elsewhere.



There are lots of good reasons to use 62days to sell your Cartier ring but, fundamentally, you should consider using us because you’ll get a competitive offer and a process which is easy and hassle-free. You remain in full control from start to finish and we’ll offer you a safe way to sell your Cartier ring for cash –

  • All you have to do is upload up to five good images along with a short description and you will receive your FREE valuation
  • Post-sale, if you have any reservations at all, you can buy your Cartier ring back for the amount we paid you for it and not a penny more
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  • We will offer you extremely competitive prices for your Cartier ring
  • You can choose how we pay you – either through PayPal or Google Checkout, or direct into your bank account



When you sell Cartier rings, you need to keep in mind a few important things –

  • Cartier rings come in wide variations in style, composition, age, rarity value and condition so we suggest researching the market, looking online at sites like 62days for similar pieces and talking to jewellers
  • Do you have all the associated documents? If you have the original receipts, boxes and Certificates of Authenticity, selling your Cartier ring may well be a lot easier
  • Remember you can have your Cartier ring valued by the experts at 62days for free

There are plenty of reasons why people sell Cartier rings and if you’re simply looking for quick cash for your Cartier ring, there are lots of places you can go but be mindful that you will get a wide variety of offers. Antique Cartier rings and vintage Cartier rings are very collectable so you might get an even higher price, but remember that your sentimental value rarely equates to the ring’s true monetary value.



As we’ve mentioned, there’s no such thing as a standard Cartier ring and here at 62days, we have Cartier ring experts waiting to give you a FREE, no obligation valuation and the best part is, if you decide not to sell your Cartier ring, you don’t have to.



All you have to do to sell your Cartier ring today is to upload your pictures and we will send you your FREE, no obligation quotation. It really is that simple!