Where Can I Sell An Emerald Ring

21 Jun 2013

For many people, old jewellery ends up just lying around the house abandoned and forgotten. This may be because it’s gone out of fashion, it’s from an inheritance or it’s just been replaced by something you like more. But some of this jewellery could be worth a great deal of money and, in cases such as an emerald ring, it could fetch a decent sum on the second hand market. If you’re looking to sell an emerald ring then there are lots of different ways to do it and this article will tell you about emerald rings and their value, where to sell emerald rings and also how to sell an emerald ring safely, easily and quickly.


Emeralds are green gemstones traditionally worn to promote healing and to enhance love and commitment. Some of the world’s most prized emeralds are found in Colombia but they are also mined in India, South Africa, Afghanistan, Russia and Zimbabwe and they have most recently been found in North Carolina. Emerald rings are highly sought after and the stone is the May birthstone as well as the traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary!


Selling emerald rings requires research but if you do your homework, you should be able to sell your emerald ring for a price you’ll be happy with –

Sell an Emerald Ring Online

The Internet has created a myriad of options for selling second hand jewellery. While most of the market is geared to selling gold, there are buyers who will offer you a price for an emerald ring. If you do a quick search for ‘sell emerald ring’ you’ll likely find a number of companies willing to buy but if you do move forward with them, keep in mind that you’ll need to ensure the transportation is secure and the item insured. Many companies will leave the transportation as your responsibility so make sure you check upfront. Likewise, most peer-to-peer auction sites will leave transportation issue as your responsibility. These sites can be a good way to sell an emerald ring but make sure you set a reserve price and follow any advice they and the police offer about security before selling to strangers.

Selling an Emerald Ring at Auction

The selling process is relatively straightforward if you want to sell your emerald ring at auction but be aware that once the auction has finished and the gavel falls, the sale is complete. We suggest that before you sell your emerald ring at auction, you are aware of the fees and commissions you will have to pay. In addition, you can set a reserve price below which the emerald ring won’t – can’t – sell but if there’s no sale, you have to try and find alternative ways to sell your emerald ring.

Selling an Emerald Ring to a Dealer

Emerald rings are highly sought after and jewellery dealers can value your ring but they may also look to buy your emerald ring. Keep in mind they may offer a slightly lower price as they will want to sell it on with a mark-up. If you want a fast sale for your emerald ring, this is a good option but if you don’t need to rush the sale, study all your options and make a decision based on a number of offers.

Selling an Emerald Ring to a Pawnbroker

It’s generally understood that pawnbrokers will offer you a price for your emerald ring but this will be seen as a loan against the ring rather than a straight sale. Using the emerald ring as collateral, they give you an amount of money and if the ring isn’t claimed within a specified time period, usually 6-12 months, the ring becomes their property. If you want to buy your emerald ring back within the set period, you repay the loan plus a high interest rate. Many people looking to raise quick cash will use a pawnbroker to sell designer jewellery, sell a wedding ring or sell a Rolex watch.


You have choice as to where to sell your emerald ring but with 62days, you are in control of the process from start to finish. We offer each client a safe, secure and reliable way to sell your emerald ring with no fees, free collection and absolutely no hassle –

  • All of our quotations, collections and deliveries are FREE, insured and fully traceable whilst in transit. We use FedEx and every transaction is backed up by TRUSTe, the internet’s most secure online privacy provider
  • If after the completed sale you have doubts, you have 62 days to cool off
  • For your FREE valuation, upload good, detailed pictures to our site. It’s that simple!
  • As established experts, we can offer you extremely competitive prices for your emerald ring
  • Payments go either straight into your bank account or transactions can be done through online services such as PayPal and Google Checkout


There are a number of things to be mindful of when selling emerald rings –

  • Emerald rings aren’t standard and vary in terms of colour, clarity, cut and size so make sure you know how the market works and research what similar emerald rings are selling for on sites like 62days.com, elsewhere online and you can even talk to independent jewellers for their opinions
  • Get your emerald ring valued by a jeweller you trust, or someone who has been recommended to you

Why do you want to sell your emerald ring? If the reasons are financial, you can sell your emerald ring on the High Street instantly but the offers will usually be on the low side. Selling a vintage emerald ring or selling an antique emerald ring can realise top prices but always be mindful that if you want to sell quickly, you may have to accept a slightly lower price. Remember that however much you value your emerald ring from a sentimental standpoint, the true fiscal value doesn’t always match up.


Emerald rings aren’t standard sizes and they come in a wide range of styles, sizes and conditions so our advice will always be to speak to independent valuers. Here at 62days.com, we have in-house emerald ring experts who will value your ring with absolutely no obligation on your part. If you choose not to sell your emerald ring, that’s entirely up to you.


With 62days, selling emerald rings is easy and stress free. If you’d like a FREE, no obligation quote to see how much you can get for your emerald ring, upload up to five photographs and we will get back to you within 20 minutes.