How To Sell A Pearl Necklace

21 May 2013

Establishing the value of a pearl necklace is no easy task. Every pearl is unique and accurately understanding the value of jewellery such as a pearl necklace requires an expert eye. It is for this reason that, unlike the second hand gold market, there are far fewer simple ways to sell a pearl necklace than a gold one. However, there are ways to sell a pearl necklace and get a good price. This article is designed to tell you about pearl necklaces and their value and to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision about where to sell a pearl necklace and also how to sell your pearl necklace today.



A pearl is a jewel made of calcium carbonate and they are formed inside the shells of molluscs, usually oysters. Natural pearls formed in the wild are both very rare and by definition, very expensive but the majority of pearls sold today are cultured or farmed pearls and come in a variety of colours, including pink, cream and silver. At the very cheapest end of the scale are imitation pearls. They are widely available but their quality is usually very poor and they are easily distinguishable from genuine pearls.



Pearl necklaces come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours so when it comes to selling a pearl necklace, you need to understand what you have and its potential value. Are you looking to –

  • Sell pearl necklace
  • Sell pearl choker
  • Sell pearl princess necklace
  • Sell pearl opera necklace
  • Sell pearl rope necklace

It is important to establish whether your pearl necklace is one of the above or, if not, exactly what type of necklace it is – usually this can be done by checking the original paperwork, but if that’s not available then a jewellery will often be able to assist you here.



Selling pearl necklaces requires research given the number of variations in styles, pearl sizes, types of necklace and the grade of pearls used and there are a number of options available to you so that you can sell your pearl necklace for the highest price.

Selling a Pearl Necklace at Auction

A number of specialist auction houses sell pearl necklaces and as long as you have the genuine article, you can realise very high prices. There needs to be interest from buyers in the room but make sure you’re aware of the fees and commissions payable before you commit. You can set a reserve price but if the pearl necklace doesn’t sell, you are back to square one looking for somewhere else to sell your pearl necklace.

Sell Pearl Necklace Online

There are companies, such as 62days, who will make you an offer for your pearl necklace online. However, the market is far smaller than, for example, those looking to sell gold. The other major route to explore online is that of peer-to-peer auction sites. These can be a great way to sell your pearl necklace but make sure you follow any security guidance provided and ensure you set a reserve price – often buyers will be scouring the site for bargains, so don’t sell your necklace too cheaply just to make a sale!

Selling a Pearl Necklace to a Dealer

Again there are dealers that specialise in selling pearl necklaces and they will offer to value your necklace (occasionally for a fee). Bear in mind that if they make you an offer, they are probably looking to buy low and sell high, so selling your pearl necklace to a dealer may not get you the highest price. If you’re looking for a quick sale for your pearl necklace, a dealer is a decent option, but shop around until you find the best prices for your pearl necklace.

Selling a Pearl Necklace to a Pawnbroker

If you want to sell your pearl necklace to a pawnbroker, they will loan you an amount based on the item’s valuation and it stays with the pawnbroker as collateral. If you want to get the necklace back, you need to pay back the loan as well as a traditionally high interest rate. If you want cash for your pearl necklace, this is one option, but as always, it’s worth shopping around to sell your pearl necklace. Many people use pawnbrokers to sell diamond jewellery or to sell Rolex watch or other luxury items, and it is likely you would receive an offer for a pearl necklace as well.



Of course you have choice regarding where to sell a pearl necklace but at 62days, we make the process effortless. You are in control of the sale process and we will offer you a secure and reliable way to sell your pearl necklace for cash –

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When you sell pearl necklace, there are a few things you need to be aware of –

  • As we’ve mentioned, selling pearl necklaces requires research given the number of variations in styles, pearl sizes, types of necklace and the grade of pearls used so we suggest talking to independent jewellery experts or searching trusted sites like The more information you have, the easier it becomes to sell pearl necklaces
  • Have your pearl necklace valued by an jeweller or by the experts at 62days
  • Tell us about any associated documents, including receipts and Certificates of Authenticity. Also, the necklace becomes increasingly valuable if you have the original box or packaging

Why do you want to sell your pearl necklace? To release funds, you can sell your pearl necklace for cash online quite easily but you will be inundated with low offers. If you want to sell antique pearl necklace, vintage pearl necklace or designer pearl necklace, the demand usually outweighs the supply but the sentimental value doesn’t always equate to fiscal value.

The other thing to keep in mind is the use of peer-to-peer trading sites for deciding where to sell pearl necklaces. There are sometimes risks attached to security, payments, collections and deliveries and there could be people who will search ‘sell pearl necklace’ and look to take advantage of your honesty and good nature. Always check feedback scores and if you can, contact past sellers about their experience.



There is of course no single value of  pearl necklaces but at 62days, our pearl necklace experts will make the process easy and offer you a free, no obligation valuation based on the information you provide.



All you have to do to sell your pearl necklace is to upload your pictures and we will send you your FREE, no obligation quotation. It’s that easy!