How Can I Sell a Platinum Diamond Ring?

02 Aug 2013

In terms of second hand jewellery, those seeking to sell a platinum diamond ring may well be able to realise significant sums for their item. However, with an expert eye required to properly assess such a specialised item, it can be hard to find a buyer prepared to offer true value. This is because many firms operating in the second hand jewellery market lack the expertise and are only able to deal with simple gold jewellery. So if you’re keen to sell such a ring, then this guide will help you find buyers who should offer competitive prices. We’ll tell you all about platinum diamond rings and their value, where to sell platinum diamond rings and also how to sell a platinum diamond ring quickly, safely and without any hassle.


Platinum diamond rings are highly sought after pieces so you need to find out about the market and current platinum prices, research what similar rings are selling for online and on the High Street and then once you have the knowledge you need, you will be able to sell your platinum diamond ring confidently.

Sell a Platinum Diamond Ring Online

Using the Internet offers one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your platinum ring. With a myriad of options for selling second hand jewellery, there are likely to be a number of online companies who will make you an offer. However, much of the market is geared to simply selling gold, as it is far easier to assess and requires little specialist knowledge. But if you do a quick search for ‘sell platinum ring’ you’ll probably find a number of avenues to explore.

Keep in mind that not all these companies are equal. Many ask you to use the standard post to send your ring to them, and there may be no insurance included in their process, so make sure you take due care and attention. Likewise, peer-to-peer auction sites can be a good way to sell an expensive platinum ring, but make sure you set a reserve price you’re happy with and follow any security advice from the service and the police before selling to strangers. Similarly, these services usually leave transportation and insurance as your responsibility.

Selling a Platinum Diamond Ring at Auction

Selling a platinum diamond ring at auction is usually straightforward. If there is interest in the room the ring will sell and minus the auction house’s fees for listings and commission, you walk away with whatever the ring sold for. If there’s no interest, or the ring didn’t reach its reserve price, you are back to square one, looking for other ways to sell your platinum diamond ring.

Sell a Platinum Diamond Ring to a Dealer

Jewellery dealers will value your platinum diamond ring (often for a small fee so make sure before you commit) and may decide to make you an offer; but beware, they are dealers so will be looking to make you a conservative offer with the view to selling it on to a customer at a mark-up. If you want a quick sale for your platinum ring then this is a good option. But for the best prices for your platinum diamond ring, speak to a number of dealers, take your time and look at all your choices.

Selling a Platinum Diamond Ring to a Pawnbroker

Pawnbrokers are often good places to get cash for your jewellery and selling your platinum diamond ring this way may not realise the true market value but you walk away with money in your pocket. They will loan you an amount based on the value of your ring and if you want it back within the specified timeframe (usually 6-12 months), you need to pay the loan amount back along with their own interest charges which can mount up, so be aware of the details before you make a decision. May people use pawnbrokers to sell engagement rings, sell wedding rings or to sell jewellery.


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You need to keep in mind the obvious – like where is best to sell platinum diamond rings and how to sell a platinum diamond ring, but there are other factors –

  • Look at online sites for similar items: Often, platinum diamond rings look the same at first glance but they vary dramatically in terms of colour, cut, clarity and carat (the 4Cs) so you need to know what you have and perhaps need the diamond assessed before you sell
  • The value of your platinum diamond ring increases exponentially if you have supporting documentation, so when you’re looking to sell try to supply this where possible

Also keep in mind why you want to sell your platinum diamond ring. If you’re looking for a fast sale for your platinum diamond ring, you can probably get offers from a number of the places listed above, but sometimes quick sales aren’t going to be as high as you would like. Try to take your time an explore a number of these offers before selling, or choose a service with a cooling-off period (such as in case you find a better offer after the sale. Additionally, if you want to sell an antique platinum diamond ring or sell a vintage platinum diamond ring, we suggest finding experts, just like those at who know and understand the platinum diamond ring market in detail.


As we’ve alluded to, platinum diamond rings vary so explore research resources, such as our guide to diamonds and talk to expert, such as our own, who can supply a free no-obligation offer.


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