Where Can I Sell a Sapphire Ring

04 Apr 2013

There are numerous ways to sell a sapphire ring and this article will tell you a little about sapphire rings and their value, where to sell sapphire rings and most importantly, how to sell a sapphire ring.


A sapphire is a beautiful precious gemstone that we traditionally associate with the colour blue. However, they can actually come in a range of shades, from colourless, yellow and orange through to grey and even black. The word sapphire comes from the Latin ‘sapphirus’ meaning ‘blue’. Often sought after for their beauty, they are among the most precious rings in the world. Indeed one of most famous rings in recent history is a sapphire ring – the ring Lady Diana Spencer chose for her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981, a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by solitaire diamonds.


You have a number of options if you want to sell your sapphire ring – from the high street to a range of online buyers. First however, you should do your research on where to sell sapphire rings – a number of the more standard options are below:

Selling a Sapphire Ring at Auction

If you want to sell a sapphire ring at auction, the process is relatively straightforward but be aware that once the gavel hits, the sale is final. Before you sell your sapphire ring at auction, you need to make sure you’re aware of the fees and commissions involved. You can set a reserve price but if it’s not reached, you’re back to square one – trying to find the best way to sell a sapphire ring.

Selling a Sapphire Ring to a Dealer

A jeweller who deals in sapphire rings will value your piece but be aware that they are dealers, so they will be looking to buy for a low price and sell it on at a higher price. If you need a quick sale for your sapphire ring, this may be the road to go down but if you have no time constraints, it’s worth shopping around for the best quotes.

Selling a Sapphire Ring to a Pawnbroker

Many people will use a pawnbroker to leverage cash when looking to sell jewellery, sell gold or sell valuables. Pawnbrokers will offer to buy your sapphire ring but this can be at a price which is often lower than its true market value and under the terms of the loan the ring becomes their property if you don’t come back for it within a specified timeframe, usually 6-12 months. If you want to buy your sapphire ring back, you will have to pay back the loan, plus interest.

Selling a Sapphire Ring Online

A number of online services can help you sell your sapphire ring.. These can range from free community listings sites to online auction services and of course specialist jewellery buyers such as 62days.


There are loads of great reasons to sell your sapphire ring through 62days but the primary reason is that you are in control of the sale from start to finish. We offer a secure, safe and reliable way to sell a sapphire ring so you can earn some extra income –

  • Quotes, collections and deliveries (by FedEx) are not only FREE but insured and each transaction is backed by TRUSTe, the web’s most secure online privacy provider
  • We give you a 62 day cooling off period
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  • We are experienced industry professionals who really understand the market so when our customers ask ‘where to sell sapphire rings’ the only answer for them is 62days.com


  • Sapphire rings vary in style, size, clarity and colour so you need to understand the market and find out what similar sapphire rings are selling for both online and at independent jewellers
  • Make sure you have your sapphire ring valued by an independent jeweller you can trust
  • Do you have the relevant paperwork and receipts? These will help in verifying the ring’s quality, condition and value

Ask yourself ‘why do I want to sell a sapphire ring.’ Is it for financial reasons? There are outlets to sell your sapphire ring but you will usually get a very conservative quote. Perhaps sentiment or emotion is prompting you to sell your sapphire ring or maybe you have inherited a vintage sapphire ring or an antique sapphire ring and you want to realise its value for other purposes. Keep in mind that if you want a quick sale you may have to accept a lower price, likewise sentimental value does not always equate to fiscal value.

It’s also wise to keep in mind that online auction sites and other peer-to-peer services can be risky in terms of security, delivery and payments and there can always be unscrupulous people who will see listings for ‘sell sapphire ring’ and seek to take advantage of the seller, meaning you may end up losing out.


There is no such thing as a standard sapphire ring. They come in a huge number of varieties of style, clarity, colour, size and condition so we advise speaking to an independent valuer. At 62days.com we have sapphire ring experts who are on hand to value your ring and the beauty is you have no obligation to sell your sapphire ring. We will send you your free appraisal and then the decision rests entirely with you.


Selling sapphire rings is safe, secure and hassle-free with 62days and as we said, you are in control of the process from beginning to end. If you would like a no obligation quote to see how much you could get for your sapphire ring, upload your photographs and we will get back to you with a fast and free quote.