How to Sell Bridal Jewellery Online for Cash

28 May 2012

Selling bridal jewellery online is made easier, faster and more accessible thanks to simple, easy to read guides from that give you the opportunity to make the right decision first time about what to do and how to do it.


Bridal jewellery differs from person to person and often from culture to culture but essentially what we’re talking about here is –

  • Bridal Bracelets
  • Bridal Necklaces
  • Bridal Pendants
  • Bridal Tiaras
  • Bridal Earrings
  • Bridal Corsages


Once you’ve decided to sell bridal jewellery, the first thing you need to know is what you have.

If it’s gold or silver, you need to know its purity because that will determine its value and saleability. Check hallmarks and any documentation you have and if you’re unsure, go and see an independent jeweller. They will tell you almost instantly what you’ve got.

It’s becoming increasingly common for bridal jewellery to be borrowed, or even passed down from mother to daughter and you may find that selling vintage bridal jewellery or selling handmade bridal jewellery will push up its value.

One of the most important things you can do is to do your homework and find out exactly what you have, who made it, how old it is and what it’s likely to be worth. That way, when the selling process starts, you are armed with facts and not guesses which some unscrupulous buyers may well pray on…!


There are a number of different ways to sell bridal jewellery and the most popular peer-to-peer trading sites are generally fine, but you need to be mindful of security, communication, who you’re selling to and most importantly receiving payment.

Read their feedback and testimonials and be sure they are who they say they are.

Security This is your number one consideration when selling bridal jewellery online. Make sure you are offered secure options for payment from reputable online payment companies and again, do your research, read client testimonials and even contact trade organisations for advice and opinion.

Preparation Unless you are an independent jeweller, go and see one so they can put a ball-park value on your pieces. You could be in possession of designer bridal jewellery worth thousands or costume bridal jewellery worth pennies, but you’ll never know unless you speak to a professional. In addition, have any necessary papers and documents to hand because your buyer will need verification and proof of what you’re selling them.

An Easy Sale If you want to sell your bridal jewellery online, reputable, class-leading websites with a history of trust and integrity like have streamlined the process to such a degree that selling bridal jewellery will be a safe, secure and hassle-free experience which you will feel comfortable recommending to friends, colleagues and family.

Money Many websites you’ll visit to sell bridal jewellery can charge fees and commissions, either as a percentage of the sale price or a fixed fee, so you need to be aware of how much you need to spend in order to sell, and shopping around could mean a significant difference to your overall profit margin. Some, like will not charge you any fees at all.

Flexibility Selling anything on the internet should be a fluid process so if you have any doubts or concerns, find a site that offers you a cooling off period, just as does. Plenty of sites will offer you ‘instant quotes and cash for bridal jewellery’ but again, shop around for the best prices, reliability, honesty and a reputation as a business you can trust.

Market Forces All commodities go down in value as well as up so it’s worth researching the market and assessing where your items are in terms of saleability, value and popularity.

SELLING BRIDAL JEWELLERY ONLINE is one such website. We are safe, secure and transparent and will offer you a stress-free service from start to finish.

  • From the day you sell bridal jewellery, you have a 62 day cooling off period.
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